Physics Colloquium


The Physics Colloquium takes place in the HÖRSAAL PHYSIK, 28 D 001, PHYSIKZENTRUM Seffent-Melaten.

Starting: 16:30 h, Tea at 16:15 h

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Physics Colloquium

Date Speaker Title
15/04/2019Malte Göttsche (RWTH Aachen University)Nuclear weapon control
29/04/2019Prof. Andreas Offenhäusser (FZ Jülich)Mind the gap – design and characterization of the neuroelectronic interface
13/05/2019Prof. Thomas Zentgraf (University of Paderborn)Holographic metasurfaces: A new route to information encryption and multiplexing
27/05/2019Prof. Licia Verde (University of Barcelona)Post-precision cosmology
17/06/2019Prof. Klaus Kirch (Paul Scherrer Institute)Low energy particle physics

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