Links to media such as articles, presentations, etc. about issues related to women in physics.


Gender Bias In Science And Research (Center of Excellence Women and Science/GESIS)

Articles about women in science/physics:

Why we need to keep talking about equality in physics (Physics World, August 2019)

Mitigating gender bias in student evaluations of teaching (PLOS ONE 14e0216241, May 15, 2019)

Sexual harassment reported by undergraduate female physicists (Phys. Rev. Phys. Educ. Res. 15 010121, April 22, 2019)

Huge peer-review study reveals lack of women and non-Westerners (Nature 561295, Sep 18, 2018)

The gender gap in science: How long until women are equally represented? (PLOS Biol. 16 e2004956, April 19, 2018)

Men Set Their Own Cites High: Gender and Self-citation across Fields and over Time (Socius 10.1177/2378023117738903, December 8, 2017)

Student evaluations of physics teachers: On the stability and persistence of gender bias (Phys. Rev. Phys. Educ. Res. 12 020107, 1 August 2016)

Theory event fuses physics and gender (CERN COURIER, Volume 58, Number 10, Dec 2018)

Fixing gender in theory (CERN COURIER, Volume 58, Number 10, Dec 2018)

First woman Physics Nobel winner in 55 years (BBC News website, 2 October 2018)

Pulsar discoverer Jocelyn Bell Burnell wins $3-million Breakthrough Prize (Nature 561, 161 (2018), 6 September 2018)

Gender differences in individual variation in academic grades fail to fit expected patterns for STEM (Nature Communications volume 9, Article number: 3777 (2018), 25 September 2018)

100 Women Who Changed the World (BBC History Magazine and BBC World Histories Magazine, August 9, 2018)

Marie Curie (1867–1934): her life, achievements and legacy (BBC History Magazine and BBC World Histories Magazine, August 9, 2018)

The gender gap in science: How long until women are equally represented? ((PLoS Biol 16(4): e2004956, April 19, 2018)

Commentary: Diversity in physics: Are you part of the problem? (Physics Today 70, 5, 10, (2017))

Viewpoint: Accelerating gender equality (CERN COURIER, Volume 57, Number 3, Apr, 2017)

Meet The Most Powerful Woman In Particle Physics (SCIENCE, May18,2016)

Physics: She did it all (Nature 524, 160, Aug 13, 2015)

Gazing at the Future: The experiences of male and female physics and astronomy doctoral students in the UK (IOP Institute of Physics, May 2015)

Report - Indo-French Seminar on Women in Science (Science Reporter 52, Apr, 2015)

Karriere an der Fachhochschule Frauen, wo seid ihr? (duz Magazin 05/15, Apr 24, 2015)

Rosalind Franklin. Die unfreiwillige Märtyrerin im Kampf gegen Männer.
(ZEIT Online, UNI-Leben, ZEIT Campus Nr. 03/2015)

Woman of Science: Particle Physicist Fabiola Gianotti (Fiat Physica, Mar 12, 2015)

Developing world: The minority minority (Nature, Mar 4, 2015)

Why It's Crucial to Get More Women Into Science (National Geographic, 08 Nov 2014)

CERN Council selects next Director-General (CERN Press office, Nov 4, 2014)

On female role models in science (CERN Accelerating science, Mar 7, 2014)

Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science? (The New York Times Magazine, Oct 3, 2013)

Women in Science (Nature, 07 Mar 2013)

Women in science through the decades (CERN COURIER, Feb 23, 2011)

Honoring women in particle physics (Symmetry, Mar 8, 2010)

Power and prejudice: women in physics (CERN Courier, Jun 4, 2007)


Women in Physics: Interview with Professor Margarete Mühlleitner (German with english subtitles)