Interne Seminare WS 14/15

Di. 31.03.2015 10:30 (MBP 026)

Präsentation der Masterarbeit:

Antonia Adler (RWTH)

Soft effects in transverse spectra at hadron colliders

The focus of my Master's thesis is the soft function of the top-quark pair production process at small
transverse momentum. The soft function describes the soft interaction and is one ingredient of the factorized cross-section formula that is derived in the soft-collinear effective theory (SCET). I present a short introduction into
SCET and show the main steps of the derivation of the factorization formula for the process of interest. The NLO
soft function contains tricky integrals. I present a powerful method for the systematic calculation of the NLO soft
function. Within this method it is possible to perform the calculation up to higher orders in epsilon which offers
a prediction for one finite NNLO contribution. On top of that, the integration method I present can be used as a
starting point for the calculation of the NNLO soft function.


Di. 27.01.2015 18:00 (26C402)

Präsentation der Bachelorarbeit:

D. Steffens (RWTH)

Constraining Higher Dimensional Operators in an EFT approach using the gg → h → ZZ off-shell tail


Di. 16.12.2014 9:00 (26C402)

Verteidigung der Doktorarbeit:

Oliver Dekkers (RWTH)

Antenna subtraction at NNLO


Mo. 08.12.2014 18:00 (26C402)

Präsentation der Masterarbeit:

Benedikt Marquardt (RWTH)

Indirect Dark Matter Signatures in Effective Field Theories including Electroweak Corrections


Di. 07.10.2014 8:45 (Hörsaal Physik)

Theorietag der Fachgruppe Physik der RWTH und des FZ Jülich

Einige der Arbeitsgruppen präsentieren ihre Forschung in 5 einstündigen Vorträgen.

Zeit Sprecher Titel
8.45 Welcome  
9.00 Stefan Wessel Computational Solid State Physics
10.00 Herbert Schoeller Dynamics of open quantum systems
11.00 coffee break  
11.30 Michal Czakon Particle physics and the top quark
12.30 lunch  
14.00 Yuriy Mokrousov Real- and reciprocal-space Berry phases for electrical and thermal transport: insights from ab initio theory
15.00 coffee break  
15.30 David DiVincenzo Electromagnetics for Quantum Information: Black-Box Quantization, and the Hall-Effect Gyrator