Interne Seminare WS 16/17

Di. 04.10.2016 10:00 (MBP 026)

Verteidigung der Doktorarbeit:

Sebastian Kirchner (RWTH)

Higgs Boson Phenomenology at the LHC


Fr. 07.10.2016 14:00 (28B110)

Präsentation der Masterarbeit:

Cedric Sodhi (RWTH)

Feynman-diagram relations and Higgs-boson width determination


Mo. 24.10.2016 14:00 (28B110)

Präsentation der Masterarbeit:

Michael Korsmeier (RWTH)

Global analysis of cosmic-ray propagation in the light of AMS-02 and the impact on indirect detection of dark matter


Mi. 02.11.2016 10:00 (MBP1 015)

Präsentation der Masterarbeit:

Torsten Weber (RWTH)

Investigating theories beyond the Standard Model at the LHC


Mi. 02.11.2016 10:00 (MBP1 015)

Präsentation der Masterarbeit:

Marco Hufnagel (RWTH)

Top partner and dark matter at the LHC


Fr. 04.11.2016 13:00 (MBP1 026)

Präsentation der Masterarbeit:

Jan Burger (RWTH)

Constraints on Dark Matter from the intensity and anisotropy of the Fermi Diffuse-Gamma-Ray-Background


Mi. 07.12.2016 14:00 (26 C 402)

Präsentation der Masterarbeit:

Eric Madge (RWTH)

Higgs portal models in vector boson fusion


Do. 19.01.2017 11:00 (26 C 402)

Präsentation der Masterarbeit:

Laura Friedeheim (RWTH)

Effects of Dimension-Six Operators on Higgsstrahlung at the LHC


Do. 23.02.2017 16:30 (26 C 402)

Johann Usovitsch (DESY Zeuthen)

Kira - Feynman Integral Reduction Program

In this talk, I present an alternative implementation of the Laporta algorithm used to reduce scalar multi-loop integrals - appearing in quantum field theoretic calculations - to a small set of master integrals, which will be soon made public. We (together with Philipp Maierhoefer and Peter Uwer) extend existing approaches by using integer based arithmetic to remove linearly dependent equations from the system of equations arising from integration by-parts and Lorentz identies. I describe in detail the implementation. In addition, I show benchmarks for concrete examples and compare the performance to Reduze. As a consequence of the aforementioned improvements, we find a significant increase in the performance.


Fri. 17.03.2017 14:00 (MBP 026)

Verteidigung der Doktorarbeit:

Paul Fiedler (RWTH)

Top-Quark Physics at Hadron Colliders