Internal Seminars SS 18

Thu 12.04.2018 11:00 (26C401)

Master Thesis Midterm Presentations:

Lukas Klamt: Building a comprensive tool for testing dark matter models making use of neural networks
Lena Brüggemann: The effect of combining different signal regions for global fits


Thu 12.04.2018 14:00 (26C401)

Master Thesis Midterm Presentations:

Yannick Kluth: Energy Momentum Tensor and Gradient Flow
Lars-Thorben Moos: Radiative Corrections to the Higgs Boson Mass in High Scale Supersymmetry
Lukas Simon: Higgs Mixing in Higgs Strahlung


Mon 16.04.2018 9:30 (MBP1 026)

Master Thesis Midterm Presentations:

  9:30: Daniel Meuser: Multiple solutions in constrained SUSY models
10:15: Sebastian Poegel: tba
11:15: Robin Schürmann: Precise predictions for dark matter searches
12:00: Saniya Heeba: Dark matter freeze-in via the Higgs portal


Wen 25.04.2018 10:30 (MBP2 117)

Verteidigung der Doktorarbeit:

Mario Prausa (RWTH)

Towards Light Quark Mass Effects in Higgs Production and Decay at Next-to-Next-to-Leading Orde


Fri 18.05.2018 10:00 (26 C 402)

Thomas Flacke (BS CTPU, Korea)

Common exotic LHC signatures in underlying models with a composite Higgs

We classify underlying models with a confining gauge group and fermions, which contain a composite Higgs and vector-like fermion top partners in their bound-state spectrum. All of these models are found to contain light (potentially sub-TeV) pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone resonances (pNGBs) beyond the Higgs. In the first part of the talk we present bounds from existing LHC searches and new search strategies for directly produced pNGBs.
In the second part of the talk we discuss the impact of pNGBs on vector-like quark searches at LHC. We show that ``exotic decays'' of vector-like quarks into SM quarks and pNGBs are the norm and commonly appear with large rates. We identify the contributing particle content and novel top partner decays that occur most commonly, provide effective Lagrangians, benchmarks, and a brief discussion of phenomenological bounds and newly occurring final states.


Fri 13.07.2018 15:00 (MBP1 110)

Bachelor Presentations:

15:00 : Sebastian Solibida: Relativistic analysis of cosmological simulations


Mon 16.07.2018 9:30 (MBP1 015/026)

Bachelor Presentations:

09:30 : Georgios Samaras: Designing a graphical interface to explain CMB physics (MBP1 015)
10:15 : Marvin Syed: Is there a connection between 21cm observations and dark matter? (MBP1 026)
11:00 : break
11:15 : Sander Lindelauf: Statistical Methods for Direct Detection of Dark Matter (MBP1 026)
12:00 : lunch break
14:00 : Maria Tsedrik: Cosmic Ray Anisotropies and Interstellar Turbulence (MBP1 026)
14:45: Tim Hetbermann: Acceleration of Cosmic Rays at Galactic Wind Termination Shocks (MBP1 026)


Thu 19.07.2018 9:00 (MBP1 015)

Bachelor Presentations:

09:00 : J. Hermann: Missing energy signatures for dark matter searches at the LHC
09:45 : F. Ferlemann: Constraining natural supersymmetry
10:30 : M. Schaaf: The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon in U(1) extensions of the SM


Mon 23.07.2018 11:00 (26C402)

Bachelor Presentation:

11:00 : Dennis Horstman: Top-quark production at the LHC: determining the top-quark mass using cross-section measurements


Mon 27.08.2018 9:15 (MBP1 015)

Master Thesis Presentation:

Nils Schöneberg (RWTH)

A novel approach for calculating angular power spectra in Boltzmann codes


Thu 30.08.2018 11:00 (26C402)

Master Thesis Presentation:

Yannick Kluth (RWTH)

Gradient Flow and the Energy Momentum Tenso


Fri 14.09.2018 11:00 (MBP1 015)

Master Thesis Presentation:

Saniya Heeba (RWTH)

Freeze-in Production of Dark Matter via the Higgs Portal


Mon 17.09.2018 9:00 (26 C 402)

Master Thesis Presentation:

Robin Schürmann (RWTH)

Threshold Resummation for Dark Matter Production at the LHC


Thu 20.09.2018 10:00 (MBP1 026)

PhD Defense:

Thejs Brinckmann (RWTH)

Insight on the Dark Universe from Cosmological Perturbations


Fri 21.09.2018 9:30 (MBP1 015)

Bachelor Thesis Presentation:

Paul Mork (RWTH)

Non-relativistic limit of scalars and fermions in weak gravitational fields


Fri 21.09.2018 10:15 (MBP1 015)

Master Thesis Presentation:

Thomas Schulz (RWTH)

Soft gluon corrections to Gaugino-Gluino associated production


Mon 24.09.2018 9:00 (26 C 402)

PhD Defense:

Rene Poncelet (RWTH)

Precision Top-Quark Physics with Leptonic Final States


Mon 24.09.2018 8:30 (MBP1 026)

Master Thesis Talk:

08:30 Uhr: Sebastian Pögel    
Higgs Mass Precision Calculation in General Extensions of the Standard Model at the 2-Loop Level with FlexibleSUSY

09:30 Uhr: Daniel Meuser       
Multiple Solutions in Constrained Minimal and Non-Minimal Supersymmetric Models

10:30 Uhr: Lena Brüggemann 
Using Neural Networks to Combine SUSY Searches for Global Fits

11:30 Uhr: Lukas Klamt           
Investigating Dark Matter Signatures in Cosmic Rays with Global Fits and Neural Networks


Tue 25.09.2018 10:00 (MBP1 026)

Master Thesis Talk:

10:00 Uhr: Benedikt Schroer
Diagrammatic Techniques for Cosmic Ray Anisotropies

11:00 Uhr: Marco Kuhlen
Heliospheric Modulation of Cosmic Rays in a Time-Dependent Framework


Thu 27.09.2018 11:00 (26 C 402)

Master Thesis Talk:

Lars-Thorben Moos (RWTH)

The MSSM Higgs mass: matching fixed order to resummation


Fri 28.09.2018 8:30 (MBP1 026)

Master Thesis Talk:

8:30 Uhr: Samuel Brieden
Non-linear Correction and Baryonic Feedback in Boltzmann Codes: Impact on Constraints from Weak Lensing Surveys

9:30 Uhr: Paul Djatschenko
Dark Matter constraints from extragalactic gamma-rays

11:00 Uhr: Alex Kleinjohann
Newtonian Motion Gauges for Multi-Fluid Simulations: Baryons, Mixed Dark Matter, and Neutrinos

12:00 Uhr: Nils Sujata
Relativistic spherical collapse and the halo bias including massive neutrinos