Theory Seminars SS 21

Thu 15.04.2021, 16.30 h

Maurizio Pierini (CERN)

Exploiting anomaly detection for new physics identification at the LHC

Host: M. Krämer

Anomaly detection techniques have been proposed as a way to mitigate the impact of model-specific assumptions when searching for new physics at the LHC, e.g., at event selection or at trigger. We will discuss how these techniques could be utilized in the data processing workflow and the impact they could have on how we search for new physics.


Thu 22.04.2021, 16.30 h

Ellen Zweibel (Madison)

Self-consistent transport of cosmic rays in the interstellar medium

Host: P. Mertsch


Thu 29.04.2021, 16.30 h

Manfred Krauss (Florida State University)

Top-quark pair production in association with a W gauge boson in the POWHEG-BOX

Host: M. Worek


Thu 06.05.2021, 16.30 h

Michael Kachelriess (Trondheim)

Antinuclei from coalescence

Host: P. Mertsch


Thu 20.05.2021, 16.30 h

Christopher Monahan (William&Mary)


Host: R. Harlander


Thu 10.06.2021, 16.30 h

Simeon Bird (U of California, Riverside)

Simulations of Cosmological Structure and Machine Learning

Host: J. Lesgourgues



Thu 17.06.2021, 16.30 h

Andrzej Czarnecki (Alberta University)


Host: R. Harlander


Thu 24.06.2021, 16.30 h

Ben Safdi (University of Michigan)


Host: S. Manconi


Thu 01.07.2021, 16.30 h

Yu-Dai Tsai (Fermilab and University of Chicago)


Host: F. Kahlhoefer


Thu 08.07.2021, 16.30 h

Suvodip Mukherjee (Amsterdam)


Host: J. Lesgourgues


Thu 15.07.2021, 16.30 h

Claude Duhr (CERN)

Charged current Drell-Yan production at N3LO

Host: M. Worek


Thu 22.07.2021, exavt time 14.30 h !!!

Celine Boehm (U. Sydney)


Host: J. Lesgourgues