TTK Theory Seminar


Seminar devoted to special topics in theoretical elementary particle physics and cosmology usually presented by invited speakers.

Thursday 16:30 in the seminar room 26C402 (or via Zoom until regular meetings can take place again)

Program (current semester)

Date Speaker Title
29/10/2020Coenraad Marinissen (NIKHEF and Utrecht University)Efficient Hilbert Series for Effective Theories
05/11/2020Karsten Jedamzik (Montpellier U.)On the Hubble tension and primordial magnetic fields
12/11/2020Valentin Hirschi (ETH Zürich)Local unitarity: a new paradigm for perturbative computations in QFT
19/11/2020Ilias Cholis (Oakland University)Scrutinizing Gamma-Ray Observations from Milky Way's Center in Search of Dark Matter Signals
26/11/2020Mathieu Pellen (Universität Freiburg)Full NLO QCD corrections to off-shell ttbb production
03/12/2020Mauro Pieroni (Imperial College London)Stochastic Gravitational Wave Backgrounds (SGWB) characterization with LISA
10/12/2020Marco Bonvini (INFN, Rome)Probabilistic definition of the perturbative theoretical uncertainty from missing higher orders
17/12/2020Tracy Slatyer (MIT)Deciphering the Universe's Dark History
07/01/2021Veronica Sanz (Valencia University)Some examples on the use of Machine Learning techniques for LHC searches
14/01/2021Maria Petropolou (Athens University)Reconnection models of blazars
21/01/2021Asher Berlin (NYU)The Hunt for Sub-GeV Dark Matter
28/01/2021Tomer Volanski (Tel Aviv)Why Chase Ambulances?
04/02/2021Hiroshi Suzuki (Kyushu University)Universal formula for the energy-momentum tensor via the gradient flow
11/02/2021Andrea Thamm (Melbourne)Flavor Probes of MeV-GeV ALPs

archive of the TTK talks of past semesters