TTK Theory Seminar


Seminar devoted to special topics in theoretical elementary particle physics and cosmology usually presented by invited speakers.

Thursday 16:30 in the seminar room 26C402

Program (current semester)

Date Speaker Title
16/04/2020T. Linden (Stockholm)TBA
23/04/2020M. Diehl (DESY Hamburg)TBA
07/05/2020L. Lellouch (Marsaille)TBA
14/05/2020C. Pitrou (Paris)TBA
28/05/2020M. Goodsell (Paris)TBA
04/06/2020O. Hahn (Nice)TBA
18/06/2020T. Hambye (Brussels)TBA
25/06/2020P. Schwaller (Mainz)TBA
02/07/2020M. Zaro (Milano/Amsterdam)TBA
09/07/2020K. Petraki (LPTHE, Jussieu)TBA

archive of the TTK talks of past semesters