TTK Theory Seminar


Seminar devoted to special topics in theoretical elementary particle physics and cosmology usually presented by invited speakers.

Thursday 16:30 in the seminar room 26C402 (or via Zoom until regular meetings can take place again)

Program (current semester)

Date Speaker Title
14/10/2021Rebecca Diesing (U Chicago)A Revised Theory of Cosmic Ray Acceleration: Solving the Problem of Steep Spectra
21/10/2021Andrea Shindler (Michigan)Unravelling matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe
28/10/2021Andrea Caputo (Weizmann)Dark Photon, CMB and radio data in our inhomogeneous universe
04/11/2021Sebastian Hoof (Göttingen)Definitions and Probes of the Axion Model Landscape
11/11/2021Cora Uhlemann (Newcastle U)The sky from psi - Semiclassical paths to the cosmic web
12/11/2021Maria Schuld (Xanadu and University of KwaZulu-Natal)Prospects of machine learning with quantum computers
18/11/2021Valentin V. Khoze (Durham U.)Searching for QCD Instantons at Hadron Colliders
25/11/2021Oleg Lebedev (U Helsinki)Neglected effects in dark matter studies:  relativistic corrections and collective phenomena
02/12/2021Tom Melia (Tokyo U, IPMU) (at 9am!)Partition functions for Effective Field Theories
09/12/2021Lavinia Heisenberg (ETH Zürich)Gravitational frontiers and the road ahead
16/12/2021Philip Bechtle (Universität Bonn)Making Useful Use of Particle Physics Experience in Epidemiology
13/01/2022Juan Garcia-Bellido (IFT-UAM/CSIC)Covariant formulation of non-equilibrium thermodynamics in General Relativity: Cosmic Acceleration from First Principles
20/01/2022Javier Mazzitelli (MPI Munich)Next-to-next-to-leading order event generation for top-quark pair production
27/01/2022Alexandre Marcowith (U Montpellier)TBA
03/02/2022Maximilian Stahlhofen (U. Freiburg)TBA

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