Teilchen- und Astroteilchenphysik-Kolloquium


Dienstags 16:30 Uhr in 28B110

Gemeinsames Seminar der Experimentellen und Theoretischen Teilchen- und Astroteilchenphysik im Rahmen des Graduiertenkollegs Physik der schwersten Teilchen am LHC.


Termin Sprecher Titel
23.01.2024Kirill Skovpen (Ghent University)Observation of four-top-production at the LHC
16.01.2024Alexander Lenz (University of Siegen)Flavour Physics - Quo vadis?​ (verschoben)
12.12.2023Manal Alsairafi, Kai Adamowicz, Saimeng Zhou (RWTH Aachen University)Introductory presentations by new PhD students
28.11.2023Marie Hein, Benedikt Gurdon, Houssem Amami, Nitish Kumar (RWTH Aachen University)Introductory presentations by new PhD students
14.11.2023Michal Czakon (RWTH Aachen University)Introduction to the RTG, past and future, and Q&A with the RTG students
11.07.2023Ilaria Brivio (University of Bologna, Italy)Hunting new physics footprints: EFT interpretations of LHC data
04.07.2023Colomba Brancaccio / Lukas Simon (RTG / RWTH Aachen University)Student presentations B
20.06.2023Danilo Meuser / Jonathan Hermann (RTG / RWTH Aachen University)Student presentations A
06.06.2023Terry Generet (RTG, RWTH Aachen University)Top-pair production in association with a B-hadron at NNLO
23.05.2023Abideh Jafari (DESY and Isfahan University of Technology)Still on top after about three decades
25.04.2023Markus Steidl (KIT, Karlsruhe)KATRIN experiment - What is the absolute mass scale of neutrinos?
18.04.2023Rene Poncelet (Cambridge University, UK)Jet identification and flavoured jet algorithms
11.04.2023Rikkert Frederix (Lund University, Sweden)Matching and Merging: Combining Matrix Elements and Parton Showers
04.04.2023Javier Llorente (Simon Fraser University, Canada)Jet event shapes at the LHC and the precision determination of alpha_s from jet data
02.02.2023Thea Klaeboe Aarrestad (ETH Zurich)Ultrafast Machine Learning Inference at the Large Hadron Collider
31.01.2023Geraldine Servant (DESY)Baryogenesis during the electroweak phase transition
24.01.2023Susanne Kühn (CERN)The ECFA Detector R&D Roadmap and its implementation
17.01.2023Felix Kahlhöfer (KIT)The collider cosmology connection
10.01.2023Thomas Teubner (University of Liverpool)g-2 puzzles: a status update
06.12.2022Felix Eschment, Florian Mausolf, Tom Schellenberger (RWTH Aachen University, GRK)Student talks
22.11.2022Achim Stahl (RWTH Aachen University)Tau leptons: from their discovery to a tool of discover
12.07.2022Jasmina Nasufi (RWTH Aachen University)ttW and ttZ with full off-shell effects at NLO QCD
05.07.2022Arnd Meyer (RWTH Aachen University)Model-independent anomaly searches at the LHC
24.05.2022FilmvorführungFilmvorführung "Picture a Scientist"
17.05.2022Elena Bratkovskaya (GSI, Darmstadt)Properties of hot and dense matter created in heavy-ion collisions
19.04.2022Jan Steggemann (EPFL, Lausanne)Latest Higgs-boson experimental results
12.04.2022Spandan Mondal (RWTH Aachen University)Charming the Higgs at CMS: Latest advances in charm tagging and a search for the Higgs decaying to charm quarks
25.01.2022Dennis NollStatus & Prospects of Higgs Pair Production Searches at the LHC
18.01.2022Xavier CoubezJet tagging techniques - CANCELLED - moved to TO SS2022
21.12.2021Sebastian WuchterlExperimental aspects of probing the top quark mass
14.12.2021Michele Lupattellittbb at the LHC: on the size of corrections and b-jet definitions
07.12.2021Gordon WattsGetting the most out of the High Luminosity LHC: The Evolving Computing Landscape
23.11.2021Juan RojoThe Path to Proton Structure at One-Percent Accuracy
26.10.2021Tristan Du PreeSearch for the Higgs boson decay to charm quarks at the ATLAS experiment
20.07.2021Christoph Langenbruch (RWTH Aachen University)Flavour anomalies in rare B decays
13.07.2021Tobias Hurth (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz)Semileptonic Penguins and the b to s Anomalies
06.07.2021Ralph Assmann (DESY Hamburg)New Particle Acceleration Methods for High Energy Physics
22.06.2021Stefan Hild (Maastricht University)Unravelling the Mysteries of the Dark Side of the Universe with the Einstein Telescope
08.06.2021Frank Hartmann (Karlsruhe School of Elementary Particle and Astroparticle)Overview of the LHC Upgrade for HL-LHC
11.05.2021Anke Biekötter (IPPP Durham)Hunting New Physics in a Model-Independent Framework
27.04.2021Stefan Weinzierl (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz)Modern Methods for Scattering Amplitudes
09.02.2021Mikael Kuusela (Department of Statistics and Data Science, Carnegie Mellon University)Unfolding in High Energy Physics: A Statistician's Perspective
02.02.2021Thomas Becher (University of Bern)Effective Theory for Jet Processes
26.01.2021Maria Ubiali (University of Cambridge)New frontiers in the determination of the proton structure
15.12.2020Thorben Quast (CERN)CMS HGCAL Overview
08.12.2020Giulio Settanta (Forschungzentrum Jülich)First detection of solar neutrinos from the CNO cycle with the Borexino detector
01.12.2020Christoph Weniger (University of Amsterdam)Turbocharging dark matter research with simulator-based inference and differentiable programming
10.11.2020Joachim Kopp (University of Mainz & CERN)Neutrino Physics: Status and Prospects
23.06.2020Steffen Schumann (Universität Göttingen)The art of combining matrix elements and QCD parton showers
09.06.2020Melissa van Beekveld (Nikhef / Radboud University Nijmegen)Power up your logarithm: the large impact of 'subleading' terms
26.05.2020Andreas Hinzmann (Hamburg University)From raw data to published experimental results at the LHC
12.05.2020Alexander Grohsjean (DESY)Top quark spin: A window to new physics?
21.01.2020Peter Fackeldey (RWTH)Higgs pair production status at LHC (Run II)
14.01.2020Dirk Krücker (DESY Hamburg)The modern Times of HEP Analysis
17.12.2019Matthias Schröder (KIT)The Higgs Boson at the Top: ttH Status and Future
03.12.2019Sascha Caron (Radboud University, Nikhef)Expanding the search for new physics via data-derived signal regions, automatisation and machine learning
19.11.2019Michal Bluj (Warsaw)Testing CP structure of Higgs couplings at LHC
15.10.2019Kumiko Kotera (Paris)The Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection

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