Additional Seminars


Here you find announcements for additional talks. Please note that the announcements will often take place on short notice.


Date Speaker Title
Wed 22.06.2022 15:45 (Zoom)Anja Butter (Uni Heidelberg)Find your own flow - Generative networks for better precision simulations
Fri 17.06.2022 10:00 (Zoom/MBP 026)Satvik Mishra (RWTH)Semi-analytical modelling of reionization
Wed 18.05.2022 15:45 (Zoom)Rusa Mandal (Siegen)What are the indirect hints of new physics telling us?
Wen 18.05.2022 14:45 (26C 402)Patrick Schillings (RWTH)Dark plasma instabilities
Wen 18.05.2022 14:00 (26C 402)Lena Saurenhaus (RWTH)Energy cross-correlations in cosmic ray small-scale anisotropies
Fri 06.05.2022 9:45 (Zoom/26C 402)Ali Riahinia (RWTH)Constraining simplified dark matter models using the CONTUR method
Fri 06.05.2022 9:00 (Zoom/MBP 015)Janosch Borgulat (RWTH)Towards the full energy-momentum tensor in the gradient-flow formalism
Fri 06.05.2022 9:00 (Zoom/26C 402)Marie Hein (RWTH)Using Density Estimation for Bump Hunts
Thu 28.04.2022 11:45 (Zoom/Glass Box MBP1)Julia Sehringer (RWTH)Axion detection with quantum sensing
Thu 28.04.2022 11:00 (Zoom/Glass Box MBP1)Sowmiya Balan (RWTH)Constraining DM annihilation with antiprotons
Tue 26.04.2022 14:00 (MBP2 117/zoom)Marco Kuhlen (RWTH)Small-Scale Anisotropies in Cosmic Ray Arrival Directions
Thu 21.04.2022 9:15 (Zoom/Glass Box MBP1)Sabarish Venkataramani (RWTH)Forecasts for Euclid and Litebird

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