Additional Seminars


Here you find announcements for additional talks. Please note that the announcements will often take place on short notice.


Date Speaker Title
Mon 20.11.2023 14:15 (MBP2 117)Lasse Ausborm (RWTH)Let's talk CRINGE
Fri 17.11.2023 15:00 (MBP1 015)Lukas Simon (RWTH)Precision Phenomenology in Higgs-Strahlung with Fully-Differential Cross Sections at Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order
Thu 16.11.2023 09:00 (26C 402)Master Thesis Presentations
Tue 14.11.2023 14:00 (26C 402)Maximilian Rzehak (RWTH)Representation of Operators in Effective Field Theories
Thu 09.11.2023 10:30 (MBP1 026)Tobias Thrien (RWTH)Semi-analytical Modelling of the Dark Ages
Fri 03.11.2023 14:30 (MBP2 015)Marco Niggetiedt (RWTH)Quark Mass Effects in Form Factors and Hadronic Higgs Production
Tue 24.10.2023 11:00 (26C 402)Leo Kaiser (RWTH)The Diffuse Emission of the Galaxy at High Energies
Fri 13.10.2023 10:15 (26C 402)Master Thesis Presentations
Thu 12.10.2023 14:00 (26C 402)Master Thesis Presentations

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