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Postdoc Stellen/Doktorandenstellen in Theoretischer Teilchenphysik / Astroteilchenphysik und Kosmologie

Gruppenbild Urheberrecht: Bernd Jantzen

The Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology (TTK) at RWTH Aachen University invites applications for several postdoctoral positions in theoretical astroparticle physics, cosmology and particle physics (at the salary level E13 TVL). The appointments are initially for two years starting in fall 2020, and may be extended subject to performance and availability of funding.

The postdoctoral positions will be affiliated with the research groups of Prof. Robert Harlander, Prof. Michael Krämer, Prof. Julien Lesgourgues and Prof. Philipp Mertsch. Applicants should have acquired solid international-level skills in at least one of the following topics:

  • For Astroparticle Physics: cosmic ray acceleration and transport, radiation modelling of non-thermal sources, galactic diffuse emission in microwaves and gamma-rays, dark matter indirect searches, high-energy neutrino astrophysics;
  • For Cosmology: physics of the early universe, CMB physics, large scale structure (galaxy correlations, lensing, 21cm), particle cosmology, numerical cosmology, parameter inference, future surveys (e.g. Euclid, SKA, CORE,...);
  • For Particle Physics: precision calculations in quantum field theory, effective field theories, Higgs physics, physics beyond the Standard Model, dark matter model building and phenomenology.

The recruited post-docs will join an active and diverse institute, currently comprising of 10 faculty members, 9 postdocs, 16 PhD students and 20 master students. The institute is part of the DFG funded Collaborative Research Center "Particle physics phenomenology after the Higgs discovery", the collaborative research unit "The Epistemology of the LHC" and the DFG Research Training Group "Physics of the Heaviest Particles at the LHC". There are close links with the experimental particle and astroparticle physics groups in Aachen (AMS, Auger, CMS, FACT, IceCube and MADMAX).

Applicants should provide a curriculum vitae, a list of publications and a brief description of their research interests (in a single pdf file). Applications should be sent to the email address:

before December 17, 2019. Please indicate the position(s) you would like to be considered for in the body of your email. In addition, the applicant should arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to the same address.

Zu besetzende Doktorandenstellen werden, wenn vorhanden, hier angekündigt. Zur Zeit sind leider keine Doktorandenstellen zu besetzen.