Women in High Energy Physics

  female PhD Students at TTK © M. Worek


We have created this platform for women in particle physics with the aim

  • to establish a network between women working in high energy physics
  • to inspire young women to follow their path in high energy physics by providing role models
  • to encourage female students to continue studying physics

We all know that women studying physics represent a minority. Consequently, some students never had a female physics professor and quite often find themselves as one of very few women in their physics classes.  In order to reduce their isolation, show them that they are not alone and provide them with role models we set up this platform, which should help them to get in contact and communicate with female professors and permanent or non-permanent staff members in our community.

Equally or even more, women in more advanced stages of their physics career are under-represented. The networking with other women in the field may help them to discuss specific problems related to their exposed position, find solutions and overcome obstacles. The network furthermore can play an active role in supporting careers of female physicists by providing information on possible female candidates for plenary talks at important conferences, or candidates for open permanent positions and fellowships at the various institutions, to name only a few examples here.



  • List of women in particle physics

    We give here the names of female researchers in experimental and theoretical high energy physics holding permanent and non-permanent positions. The list contains names we are aware of or have been made aware of. The list, however, is by no means complete. We will therefore be more than happy to add new names and invite you to contact us directly via email.

    All names are listed in alphabetical order and are divided into two categories:

    Theoretical Particle Physics

    Experimental Particle Physics

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Professor Maria Krawczyk has passed away

Sad news has reached us that Professor Maria Krawczyk has passed away on May 24th 2017. She was Professor at the Institute of Theoretical Physics at the University of Warsaw and a long-time Chair of the Department for Theory of Strong and Electroweak Interactions. Professor Maria Krawczyk was an outstanding specialist in the field of theoretical particle physics and a valued teacher of many generations of physicists. Her experience and enthusiasm will be missed. Those who knew her personally or had the oppertunity to talk to her, could experience that Maria was always very kind, friendly and warm-hearted and that she had an incredible enthusiasm for physics

In the late eighties she was one of the very small number of woman particle theorists, whom one wanted to emulate. She was also the universal mother, caring about everybody and very passionate about physics. She was an incredibly warm and kind person. She had a 'nose' for good physics. Discussions with her were always very fruitful and enjoyable. She was the originator of the idea of ''Workshop on 'CP studies and non standard Higgs physics'' , which produced an excellent document which many people continue to use. Maria will be missed very much.

CERN-Courier Obituary: Maria Krawczyk 1946–2017