Conferences and Workshops 2020


Annual meeting of the SFB TRR 257

October 06-08 2020

The annual meeting of our SFB TRR 257 takes place in Siegen and via zoom.

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Participation of TTK:
Several talks by the PIs within the SFB
Marco Bonetti: NLO QCD-EW corrections to Higgs boson gluon fusion


13th International Workshop on Top Quark Physics (TOP 2020)

September 14-18 2020

The 13th International Workshop on Top Quark Physics (TOP 2020) will bring together experimentalists and theorists to present and discuss the latest developments in top-quark physics. This year's meeting will be an on-line conference with support provided by IPPP Durham. The programme includes a mini-workshop entitled "Jets in top physics: substructure, tagging and machine learning".

The conference is held on Zoom.

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Participation of TTK:
M. Worek: Off-shell vs on-shell modelling of top quarks in photon associated production


Annual Meeting of our Graduate School RTG-2497

September 9-11 2020

Annual Meeting of our Research Training Group (RTG-2497) - Physics of the
Heaviest Particles at the LHC

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Participation of TTK:
Elias Bernreuther: Casting a graph net to catch dark showers
Colomba Brancoccio: Associated Higgs production with a tt pair by using fragmentation functions
Michele Lupatelli: Modelling of top quark production and decay in ttbb and ttjj
Hanna Mies: Simplified t-channel dark matter models
Philipp Müllender: Beam Functions at NNLO and beyond
Jasmina Nasufi: ttW with NLO QCD accuracy at the LHC: Phenomenological applications
Marco Niggetiedt: Quark-Mass Effects in Higgs-Boson Processes
Lukas Simon: Light Quark Contributions to gg → H+X
Thorben Finke: Deep learning anomaly detection for new physics searches


QCD@LHC - The 2020 edition

August 31 to September 3 2020

The overall goal of the workshop (via zoom) is to present and discuss the latest developments in experimental as well as theoretical studies in QCD which are (and/or will be) relevant for the LHC and to foster interactions between the communities.

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Participation of TTK:
Malgorzata Worek:  A view on the top quark


Young Scientists Forum of the CRC

June 9, 17. and 23 2020

The Young Scientists Forum of our CRC TRR 257) is a series of remote seminars given by Ph.D. students and young Postocs from Aachen, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Siegen. It features short (12+3) presentations, preparing the speakers to talk about their research in front of a large audience.

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Participation of TTK:
Patrick Tunney: Searching for long lived particles from strongly interacting dark sectors
Philipp Müllender : Numerical methods and beam functions at NNLO and beyond
Marco Niggetiedt: Exact quark-mass dependence of the Higgs-gluon form factor at three loops in QCD