Conferences and Workshops 2015


Here, you find informationen on conferences and workshops which are related to the research at TTK:


9th Annual Meeting of the Helmholtz Alliance "Physics at the Terascale" at DESY Hamburg

November 17 to November 18 2015

The workshop will offer a rich programme of stimulating plenary talks and parallel sessions full of intense discussion
on topics connected to the LHC, linear colliders and also Belle. The following parallel sessions will be held:

  • Linear Collider Forum
  • Standard Model physics
  • Higgs physics
  • SUSY / BSM physics
  • Top physics
  • Flavour physics
  • Computing

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Participation of TTK:
Manfred Kraus: Matching the Nagy-Soper parton shower at NLO
Bayu Hartanto: ttH and bbH production in the POWHEG-BOX


Higgs Couplings 2015

October 12 to October 15 2015

HC 2015 aims to provide a forum for both experimentalist and theorists to discuss the status of the experimental analysis and of the theoretical tools supporting them. The focus is on the current status of the Higgs boson profile and on the prospects for Run II of the LHC. In particular,

  • Mass
  • Spin / Parity
  • Couplings
  • Structure
  • BSM

are addressed in the light of the upcoming precision phase at the LHC. Theoretical implications, ranging from model-independent analyses over specific extensions of the Standard Model to more exotic modifications, will be discussed. In addition, near- and longer-term prospects at various experimental facilities will be debated.

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Participation of TTK:
Alexander Mück: Precision Higgs boson decays in SM


DESY Theory Workshop 2015

September 29 to October 2 2015

The annual DESY Theory Workshop is organized by the elementary particle physics community in Germany. The focus is on a topical subject in theoretical particle physics and related fields. This year the focus is on Physics at the LHC and beyond. The workshop features:

  • Four half-day plenary sessions of specialized talks by invited speakers.
  • Two half-days of parallel sessions, allowing young researchers to present their work.
  • The DESY Heinrich-Hertz-Lecture on Physics for public outreach.

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Participation of TTK:
Prof. Jamie Tattersall: SUSY (and BSM in general) vs The LHC
Jan Heisig: Majorana Dark Matter at the LHC and IceCube -- A Simplified Models Interpretation


Top 2015

September 14 to September 18 2015

The workshop will bring together the community of experimental and theoretical physicists working on top quark physics, 20 years after its first discovery, and at the beginning of the exploration of the new energy regime at the Large Hadron Collider. The workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest results from the LHC and Tevatron experiments as well as the most recent theoretical developments and an outlook on top-quark physics at future colliders.

The programme will consist of plenary presentations, a Poster Session, a Young Scientists Forum and 'Question and Answers' sessions, targeted for young researchers. A significant fraction of the workshop time will be devoted to discussions.

The goal of the workshop is to provide a comprehensive picture of top-quark physics and a forum where experimentalists and theorists can discuss the interpretation of top quark results and plan future measurements.

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Participation of TTK:
David Heymes: Precision predictions for top quark pair production at NNLO


Matter to the Deepest

September 13 to September 18 2015

Matter To The Deepest- Recent Developments In Physics Of Fundamental Interactions
XXXIX International Conference of Theoretical Physics, 13-18 September 2015 Ustron, Poland

Every second year the Particle Physics and Astrophysics and Cosmology groups of the University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland, organizes the International Conference on Theoretical Physics. This year the conference is organized jointly by the University of Silesia and the Polish Physical Society.

Main Topics:

  • Tests of the Standard Model and its extensions at LHC and other accelerator experiments.
  • New methods and developments in loop calculations and Monte Carlo generators.
  • Neutrino physics and astrophysics.
  • Cosmology and astrophysics and their links with building and testing of the extensions of the Standard Model.

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Contributions by TTK:
Michal Czakon: "Top physics at the LHC from the theory perspective"
Malgorzata Worek: "On the ratio of ttbb and ttjj cross sections at the CERN Large Hadron


LHCP 2015 (Large Hadron Collider Physics Conference)

August 31 to September 5 2015

The LHCP2015 conference is the major international conference of the experimental collaborations at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Geneva. This conference is a result of a recent merger of two international conferences: "Physics at Large Hadron Collider" and "Hadron Collider Physics Symposium". The first two conferences in this series were held in Barcelona, May 2013 (LHCP2013) and in New York City, June 2014 (LHCP2014).

The program will be devoted to a review of the latest experimental and theoretical results on hadron collider physics, especially the results of the new LHC Run 2, and a discussions on the outlook for the coming years. The conference intends to provide a lively discussion between experimenters and theorists on topics such as the Standard Model Physics and Beyond, the Higgs Boson, Supersymmetry and Heavy Ion Physics and planning for the high luminosity upgrades during the plenary talks, parallel and poster sessions.

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Participation of TTK:
David Heymes: Precision predictions for top quark pair production at NNLO


EPS 2015 (European Physical Society Conference)

July 22 to July 29 2015

The European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS-HEP) is one of the major international conferences that reviews the field every second year since 1971 organized by the High Energy and Particle Physics Divison of the European Physical Society. The latest conferences in this series were held in Stockholm, Grenoble, Krakow, Manchester, Lisbon and Aachen.

The Conference will have parallel sessions (conveners) on the first three days and plenary sessions with invited talks giving a broad overview of the topics of the conference on the last three days (timetable). On 25 July there will be the special joint ECFA/EPS-HEPP session: Connection scales: bridging the infinites. Finally the conference will reserve plenty of space for poster contributions which can be visited throughout the conference. Dedicated poster sessions will be held to give participants the opportunity to chat with the authors.

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Participation of TTK:
Manfred Kraus: Matching the Nagy-Soper parton shower at next-to-leading order


Invisibles 15 workshop: "Invisibles meets visibles"

June 22 to June 26 2015

The focus of the workshop will be on the interfaces  between the physics of the visible and the invisible (neutrinos, dark matter and Beyond the Standard Model Physics) sectors.

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Participation of TTK:
Leila Ali Cavasonza: Constraining leptophilic dark matter models from AMS-02 data


CERN summer student lectures

June 29 to July 3 2015

The CERN Summer Student Programme offers undergraduate students of physics, computing and engineering a unique opportunity to join in the day-to-day work of research teams participating in experiments at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. Summer Students attend a series of lectures specially prepared for them. Several scientists from around the world share their knowledge about a wide range of topics in the fields of theoretical and experimental particle physics and computing. Prof. Krämer has presented lectures on the phenomenology of the Standard Model. The slides and the video recordings of the lectures are available at:

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Paricipation of TTK:
Prof. Krämer: Phenomenology of the Standard Model (1/3)


11th Patras Workshop on Axions, WIMPs and WISPs

June 22 to June 26  2015

The workshop reviews recent theoretical advances, laboratory experiments and astrophysical and cosmological results regarding axions, WIMPs and WISPs. 

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Participation of TTK:
Dr. Jan Heisig: A simplified model interpretation of searches for dark matter at the LHC and with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
Mathieu Pellen: Exploring dark matter with AMS through electroweak corrections


Radcor 2015 and Loopfest XIV

June 15 to June 19 2015

This symposium combines the 12th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections (Radcor 2015) with LoopFest XIV  (Radiative Corrections for the LHC and Future Colliders).  This workshop provides a forum to coordinate activities focused on  the theoretical challenges from current and future colliders. The focus will be on the potential for precision measurements, their  role in searching for and disentangling physics beyond the Standard Model, progress in multi-loop and multi-leg calculations of  Standard Model processes, new physics cross sections, new approaches and new theoretical developments. There will also be a few  talks on more exotic theories and on the latest experimental progress.

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Participation of TTK:
Prof. M. Czakon: The NNLO subtraction scheme STRIPPER: implementation and application
Dr. M. Worek: Matching the Nagy-Soper parton shower at NLO


Les Houches Workshop Series "Physics at TeV Colliders"

June 1 to June 19 2015

This Workshop  aims at  bringing together theorists and experimentalists  working on the phenomenology of the  TeV colliders  with an emphasis on  the physics at the  LHC

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Participants of TTK:
Prof. J. Tattersall, Jory Sonneveld


Parton Showers, Event Generators and Resummation

Conference Poster © PSR15

May 26 to May 28 2015

The workshop "Parton Showers, Event Generators and Resummation"  provides a platform for exchanges between the analytic resummation and parton shower communities. It aims to intensify discussions on topics such as:

  • different resummation techniques and their relation,
  • various parton shower formalisms and their development,
  • matching to fixed order results,
  • connection between analytical resummation and parton showers.

The workshop is a continuation of the series of previous successful workshops in Manchester (2010), DESY Hamburg (2009, 2012), Durham (2013) and Münster (2014).

This year the workshop is organized in Cracow from 26-28 May by the Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow (IFJ PAN).

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Participation of TTK:
Prof. M. Czakon: Real radiation at next-to-next-to-leading order in QCD
Dr. Bayu Hartanto: Matching the Nagy-Soper parton shower at next-to-leading order


Interdisciplinary workshop on "Models, simulations and data at the LHC"

May 12 2015

The interdisciplinary workshop brings together particle physicists and philosophers of physics to discuss cutting-edge issues surrounding the nature of models, the use of simulations and the challenge of data arising from the Large Hadron Collider.

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Participation of TTK:
Prof. Michael Krämer: The Art of simplified models


DPG Spring Meeting

March 9 to March 13 2015

Each year, the German physical society invites the scientific community to participate in the annual spring meetings. More than 1000 physicists from experiment and theory in high-energy physics gather in Wuppertal. The scientific program consists of  1.159 contributions! Of course, the TTK contributes to the more than 1000 talks. Here is a list of the talks given by our PhD students:

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Participation of TTK:
Leile Ali Cavasonza: Role of electroweak radiation in predictions for dark matter indirect detection
Sebastian Kirchner: Bounding the Higgs width at LHC - Two-loop virtual corrections to Z boson pair production
Manfred Kraus: Matching the Nagy-Soper parton shower at next-to-leading order
Mathieu Pellen: Next-to-leading order accuracy and spin effects for squark-gluino production and decay
Jory Sonneveld: Limits and Fits from Simplified Models


Physics at the Terascale

conference poster © Helmholtz Alliance

December 1 to December 3 2014

This week, the 8th annual Workshop of the Helmholtz Alliance "Physics at the Terascale" takes place in Hamburg. There will be many interesting physics presentations, but the formal end of the Alliance at the end of the year is also a good reason to look back what happened during the past 7 years.

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Participation of TTK:
Jory Sonneveld: Role of Limits and Fits from Simplified Models
Dr. Stefan Berge: Using the Drell-Yan process to calibrate the CP measurement in H -> tau tau channel at the LHC



TOP 2014

conference poster © Top 2014

September 29 to October 3 2014

The TOP 2014 workshop will be held from September 29th to October 3rd, 2014 in Cannes, France. It will bring together about 130 experimental and theoretical physicists working on top quark physics and related topics. The workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the latests results from the LHC and Tevatron experiments as well as the most recent theoretical developments and an outlook on top quark physics. The programme consists of plenary presentations, a poster session in particular for young researchers, and much room for discussions. The goal of the workshop is to foster communication on top quark physics on all levels, from analysis techniques to future strategies for the field.

More information

Participation of TTK:
Prof. M. Czakon: Latest developments in generators and NNLO computations


In addition there will be a Topical workshop on top quark differential distributions:


The meeting will be held from 26-28 September 2014 in Cannes, France. The Workshop aims at maximising the scientific opportunity presented by:

  • The forthcoming fully differential results for top pair production at NNLO, and
  • The post-Higgs-discovery restart of the LHC at maximum energy.

It will bring together a group of experts in top physics and closely related subjects (parton distribution functions, parton showers, soft gluon resummation). The goal of the Workshop is to maximise the impact of the forthcoming fully differential NNLO results and help guide the need for further developments. Some questions that ideally will be addressed are:

  • What unstudied distributions will be of interest?
  • The role of soft and collinear resummation; where it is needed
  • Impact on PDF's
  • Transitioning to realistic final states: including top decays, finite width corrections, parton showers, etc.
  • Experimental issues
  • "Requests" from BSM physics

The format of the meeting will be 2 days of selected plenary talks with plenty of time for discussions.

Members of our Institute will also participates. Prof. M. Czakon will present a talk about "Top Quark pair production at NNLO" and Dr. M. Worek will talk about "Top Quark Physics with HELAC-NLO".

More information

Participation of TTK:
Prof. M. Czakon: Top Quark pair production at NNLO
Dr. M. Worek: Top Quark Physics with HELAC-NLO


DESY Theory Workshop 2014

September 23 to September 26 2014

Each year, experts of  cosmology and high-energy particle physics gather at the DESY Theory Workshop in Hamburg to exchange their latest ideas. The traditional Heinrich-Hertz Lecture will be held by A. Linde (Stanford). This year, the workshop is devoted to the interplay of cosmology and particle physics which has been recently  inspired by the latest results of the sattelite experiment "Planck".

More information

Participation of TTK:
Leila Ali Cavasonza: Role of electroweak radiation in predictions for dark matter indirect detection
Mathieu Pellen: NLO accuracy for production and decay of squarks matched with parton shower
Dr. Jan Heisig: Sizable tensor modes and the gravitino problem