Konferenzen und Workshops 2017


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The future of searches for invisible particles at the LHC

14. Dezember - 15. Dezember 2017

The workshop takes place here at TTK. It centers on dark matter searches at the LHC, but will also discuss other types of "invisible" particles, in particular long-lived particles, as well as non-LHC experiments (low-energy colliders, fixed-target experiments, complementary dark matter searches). Registration is now open!

The workshop is organised and funded by the "New Physics at the LHC" network of the German Research Foundation DFG.

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Higgs Couplings 2017

06. November - 10. November 2017

The Higgs Couplings conference covers theoretical and experimental aspects of Higgs physics. While most talks will be by invitation, in particular PhD students and postdocs are very much encouraged to apply for a talk during the open session on Wednesday.

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Beiträge des TTK:
Alexander Mück: EW corrections in Higgs Physics


DESY Theory Workshop 2017: Fundamental physics in the cosmos: The early, the large and the dark Universe

26. - 29. September 2017

The annual DESY Theory Workshop is organized by the elementary particle physics community in Germany. The focus is on a topical subject in theoretical particle physics and related fields.

The workshop features:

  • Four half-day plenary sessions of specialized talks by invited speakers.
  • Two half-days of parallel sessions, allowing young researchers to present their work.
  • The DESY Heinrich-Hertz-Lecture on Physics for public outreach.

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Beiträge des TTK:
Maria Archidiacono: Sterile neutrinos with secret interactions
Thejs Brinckmann: Cosmological neutrino weighing with the next generation of surveys
Sebastian Clesse: Can Primordial Black Holes be the Dark Matter?
Alessandro Cuoco: Dark matter constraints from antiprotons in the light of AMS-02
Deanna Hooper: Dealing with axion monodromy and other oscillating inflationary models
Julien Lesgourgues: Planck results and connection with particle physics
Alexander Voigt: Precise Higgs mass calculations in supersymmetry



24. September - 29. September 2017

The main theme of the conference in St. Gilgen, Austria, is the application of quantum field theory calculations to particle physics phenomenology focused on making high-precision predictions in the high-energy regime covering collider and flavor physics relevant for the LHC era and experiments in the future. Recent developments in theoretical studies of radiative corrections in the framework of the Standard Model and its extensions will be discussed as well as how these results impact the interpretation of available experimental data. Along with this, recent computer-algebraic, combinatorial and mathematical innovations to perform these calculations will be discussed.

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Beträge des TTK:
Arnd Behring: Novel NNLO applications of Sector Improved Residue Subtraction
Rene Poncelet: Towards top-quark pair production and decay at NNLO QCD


TOP 2017

17. September - 22. September 2017

The 10th International Workshop on Top Quark Physics, TOP 2017, will be held in the city of Braga, in Portugal. Following the long tradition of the workshop, the communities of experimental and theoretical physicists working on top quark physics are brought together once again.

The 2017 edition of the Workshop will be dedicated to the overview of the most up-to-date experimental measurements and latest theoretical developments on top quark Physics, as well as searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model. An important aim of the Workshop is to provide the opportunity for in-depth discussions on the current results as well as on planning the forthcoming measurements, from the Run 2 of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to future machines.

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Beträge des TTK:
Malgorzata Worek
Michal Czakon


QCD@LHC 2017

28. August -1. September 2017

This workshop at the University of Debrecen in Hungary aims at fostering discussions and collaboration between experimenters and theorists, working on collider physics related to the LHC.

Topics to be discussed include

Results from the LHC on:

  • Higgs and electroweak physics
  • Soft and Hard QCD
  • heavy flavours
  • heavy ions

Theory of:

  • Higgs physics
  • jets and jet substructure
  • fixed-order and resummed computations in QCD and electroweak sector (including SCET)
  • heavy quarks

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Beträge des TTK:
Rene Poncelet: Improvements of the sector-improved residue subtraction scheme
Christian Schwinn: Soft  and Coulomb effects in top-quark pair production beyond NNLO


CTP-Trieste/ICTP-SAIFR School on Open Problems in Cosmology

17. Juli -28. Juli 2017

The aim of the school in São Paulo, Brazil, is to familiarize students with both the important theoretical questions left in cosmology and the observations that may shed light on them in the future. The first week will develop the theoretical background, while in the second week future observational probes are discussed.

On Saturday, July 22, ICTP-SAIFR will host the workshop on open problems in cosmology. Presentations will provide a review of the newest developments in both theoretical tools, forecasts and observations. The discussion will be oriented towards the problems that are most relevant for further progress.

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Beträge des TTK:
Julien Lesgourgue: Introduction to CMB observations
Julien Lesgourgue: Testing Dark Matter properties with cosmological surveys


EPS Conference on High Energy Physics

05. Juli -12. Juli 2017

The European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS-HEP) is one of the major international conferences that review the field. It takes place every other year since 1971. It is organized by the High Energy and Particle Physics Division of the European Physical Society. This year EPS-HEP 2017 is held on 5-12 July in Venice, Italy.

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Beträge des TTK:
Michal Czakon: Top Quark Physics
Philipp Mertsch: Understanding cosmic ray small-scale anisotropies
Maria Archidiacono: What cosmology can tell us about neutrinos
Jan Heisig: Probing dark matter annihilation in the Galaxy with antiprotons and gamma rays


Taming Unphysical Scales for Physical Predictions

30. März -31. März 2017

Workshop on renormalisation and factorisation scale choices for precision predictions of cross
sections at the LHC at the University of Cambridge.

Workshop goals:

  • To draw attention to the last missing piece in the precision physics puzzle: the choice of unphysical factorisation and renormalisation scales
  • Bringing together leading researchers in order to debate ways of setting scales
  • Be the first step towards harmonised scale-setting accord across LHC processes and for the benefit of precision LHC phenomenology

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Beträge des TTK:
Malgorzata Worek: Scales for top quark production with a jet including decays and off-shell effects through NLO


DPG Frühjahrstagung

27. März -31. März 2017

Auch in diesem Jahr lädt die Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft wieder zum wissenschaftlichen Austausch im Rahmen ihrer Fühjahrstagungen ein. In Münster treffen sich in diesem Jahr mehr als 1000 Hochernergiephysikerinnen und Hochernergiephysiker aus Experiment und Theorie. Das wissenschaftliche Programm besteht aus 1.507 Beiträgen! Bei den mehr als 1000 Vorträgen ist natürlich auch das TTK vertreten.

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Beträge des TTK:
Long Chen: Top-quark pair production at next-to-next-to-leading order QCD in electron positron collisions
Bendikt Lülf: Departure from chemical equilibrium in dark matter co-annihilation
Philipp Müllender: Towards the next generation of simplified dark matter models at the LHC
Rene Poncelet: Polarised amplitudes for top quark pair production at NNLO
Frederic Poncza: Reusing events for parameter scans with CheckMATE




New Physics at the LHC

27. Januar 2017

This is one of the regular meetings of the DFG research group "New Physics at the LHC", where particle physicists from Bonn, Heidelberg, Mainz and Aachen collaborate. This time the meeting is taking place at TTK.

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Am TTK: MBP1 026 starting at 10.30


Workshop on Precision SUSY Higgs Mass Calculation Initiative (KUTS6)

23. - 25. Januar 2017

This workshop at TTK in Aachen is part of the Precision SUSY Higgs Mass Calculation Initiative. As is well known, the experimental accuracy of the mass measurement of the observed signal is already below the GeV-level, whereas in the  (N)MSSM the theory uncertainty is still at the level of several GeV. Therefore, a dedicated effort for reducing the theory uncertainty to the level of the experimental accuracy would be appropriate. We therefore plan to start a coordinated initiative in this direction, which is meant to get the people working in this field together to contribute to a highly focused and ongoing working group. 

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XXIII Cracow Epiphany Conference on Particle Theory Meets the First Data from LHC Run

9. - 12. Januar 2017

The Cracow Epiphany Conference has had a different topic every year. The series started in 1995. By bringing in new subjects and inviting new participants every year the meetings offer a general forum to discuss the frontiers of physics. The number of participants is about one hundred and there are up to thirty invited talks.

The conference will be held in the Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow, Poland.

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Beiträge des TTK:
Malgorzata Worek: Off-shell top quarks with one jet at the LHC