Publications 2011


TTK-11-01: (inspire)
B polarization of cosmic background radiation from second-order scattering sources
M. Beneke, C. Fidler, K. Klingmueller

TTK-11-02: (inspire)
Impact of Heavy Quark Masses on Parton Distributions and LHC Phenomenology
R. D. Ball, V. Bertone, F. Cerutti, L. Del Debbio, S. Forte, A. Guffanti, J. I. Latorre, J. Rojo, M. Ubiali

TTK-11-03: (inspire)
Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 1. Inclusive Observables
LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group: S. Dittmaier, ... M. Kraemer, ... A. Mueck, et al.

TTK-11-04: (inspire)
On the Impact of NMC Data on Parton Distributions and Higgs Production at the Tevatron and the LHC
The NNPDF Collaboration: R. D. Ball, V. Bertone, F. Cerutti, L. Del Debbio, S. Forte, A. Guffanti, J. I. Latorre, J. Rojo, M. Ubiali

TTK-11-05: (inspire)
Electroweak corrections to dilepton + jet hadroproduction
A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, T. Kasprzik, A. Mueck

TTK-11-06: (inspire)
What if the LHC does not find supersymmetry in the sqrt(s)=7 TeV run?.
P. Bechtle, K. Desch, H. K. Dreiner, M. Kraemer, B. O'Leary, C. Robens, B. Sarrazin, P. Wienemann

TTK-11-07: (inspire)
Precise determination of alpha_s(M_Z) using an unbiased global NLO parton set
S. Lionetti, R. D. Ball, V. Bertone, F. Cerutti, L. Del Debbio, S. Forte, A. Guffanti, J. I. Latorre, J. Rojo, M. Ubiali

TTK-11-08: (inspire)
Cosmological and Astrophysical Neutrino Mass Measurements.
K. N. Abazajian, E. Calabrese, A. Cooray, F. De Bernardis, S. Dodelson, A. Friedland, G. M. Fuller, S. Hannestad, B. G. Keating, E. V. Linder, C. Lunardini, A. Melchiorri, R. Miquel, E. Pierpaoli, J. Pritchard, P. Serra, M. Takada, Y. Y. Y. Wong

TTK-11-09: (inspire)
Fixed-order analysis of the hadronic tau decay width (part of "Workshop on Precision Measurements of alphas")
M. Beneke, M. Jamin

TTK-11-10: (inspire)
Complete solutions to the metric of spherically collapsing dust in an expanding spacetime with a cosmological constant
W. Valkenburg

TTK-11-11: (inspire)
Gauge invariance and non-Gaussianity in Inflation
G. Rigopoulos

TTK-11-12: (inspire)
Squark and gluino hadroproduction
W. Beenakker, S. Brensing, M. Kraemer, A. Kulesza, E. Laenen, L. Motyka, I. Niessen

TTK-11-13: (inspire)
The real radiation antenna function for S \to Q {\bar Q} q {\bar q} at NNLO QCD
W. Bernreuther, C. Bogner, O. Dekkers

TTK-11-14: (inspire)
Self Adjustment of Infrared Correlations of Massless Scalar Fields during Inflation
B. Garbrecht, G. Rigopoulos

TTK-11-15: (inspire)
Electroweak Precision Observables within a Fourth Generation Model with General Flavour Structure
P. Gonzales, J. Rohrwild, M. Wiebusch

TTK-11-16: (inspire)
Pair-production of J/psi as a probe of double parton scattering
C.-H. Kom, A. Kulesza, W. J. Stirling

TTK-11-17: (inspire)
Associated Higgs-bottom quark production: reconciling the 4FS and the 5FS approach
R. Harlander, M. Kraemer, M. Schumacher

TTK-11-18: (inspire)
Bayesian view of the current status of dark matter direct searches
C. Arina, J. Hamann, Y. Y. Y. Wong

TTK-11-19: (inspire)
An alternative subtraction scheme for NLO calculations
T. Robens, C.-H. Chung, M. Kraemer

TTK-11-20: (inspire)
Present and possible future implications for mSUGRA of the non-discovery of SUSY at the LHC
P. Bechtle, K. Desch, H. Dreiner, M. Kraemer, B. O'Leary, C. Robens, B. Sarrazin, P. Wienemann

TTK-11-21: (inspire)
3-Loop Heavy Flavor Corrections to DIS with two Massive Fermion Lines
J. Ablinger, J. Bluemlein, S. Klein, F. Wissbrock, C. Schneider

TTK-11-22: (inspire)
Perceiving the equation of state of Dark Energy while living in a Cold Spot
W. Valkenburg

TTK-11-23: (inspire)
Improved squark and gluino mass limits from searches for supersymmetry at hadron colliders
W. Beenakker, S. Brensing, M. D'Onofrio, M. Kraemer, A. Kulesza, E. Laenen, M. Martinez, I. Niessen

TTK-11-24: (inspire)
Unbiased global determination of parton distributions and their uncertainties at NNLO and at LO
R. D. Ball, V. Bertone, F. Cerutti, L. Del Debbio, S. Forte, A. Guffanti, J. I. Latorre, J. Rojo, M. Ubiali

TTK-11-25: (inspire)
Non-metric chaotic inflation
K. Enqvist, T. Koivisto, G. Rigopoulos

TTK-11-26: (inspire)
Determining the CP parity of a Higgs boson from its tau decays at the LHC
S.Berge, W. Bernreuther, B. Niepelt, H. Spiesberger

TTK-11-27: (inspire)
Prospects for observation of double parton scattering with four--muon final states at LHCb
C.H. Kom, A. Kulesza, W.J. Stirling

TTK-11-28: (inspire)
The singular behavior of one-loop massive QCD amplitudes with one external soft gluon
I. Bierenbaum, M. Czakon, A. Mitov

TTK-11-29: (inspire)
Sterile neutrinos with eV masses in cosmology - how disfavoured exactly?
J. Hamann, S. Hannestad, G. G. Raffelt, Y. Y. Y. Wong

TTK-11-30: (inspire)
Hadronic top-quark pair production in association with two jets at Next-to-Leading Order QCD
G. Bevilacqua, M. Czakon, C. G. Papadopoulos, M. Worek

TTK-11-31: (inspire)
Constraints on axino warm dark matter from X-ray observation at the Chandra telescope
P. Dey, B. Mukhopadhyaya, S. Roy, S. K. Vempati

TTK-11-32: (inspire)
Reweighting and Unweighting of Parton Distributions and the LHC W lepton asymmetry data
R. D. Ball, V. Bertone, F. Cerutti, L. Del Debbio, S. Forte, A. Guffanti, N. P. Hartland, J. I. Latorre, J. Rojo, M. Ubiali

TTK-11-33: (inspire)
Non-local Higgs actions: Tree-level electroweak constraints and high-energy unitarity
M. Beneke, P. Knechtges, A. Mueck

TTK-11-34: (inspire)
Asymmetric Inelastic Inert Doublet Dark Matter from Triplet Scalar Leptogenesis
C. Arina, N. Sahu

TTK-11-35: (inspire)
Flavoured quantum Boltzmann equations from cQPA
C. Fidler, M. Herranen, K. Kainulainen, P. M. Rahkila

TTK-11-36: (inspire)
Flavour-coherent propagators and Feynman rules: Covariant cQPA formulation
M. Herranen, K. Kainulainen, P. M. Rahkila

TTK-11-37: (inspire)
Finite Width in out-of-Equilibrium Propagators and Kinetic Theory
B. Garbrecht, Mathias Garny

TTK-11-38: (inspire)
Hadronic top-quark pair production with NNLL threshold resummation
M. Beneke, P. Falgari, S.Klein, C. Schwinn

TTK-11-39: (inspire)
Fluctuations along supersymmetric flat directions during inflation
K. Enqvist, D. G. Figueroa, G. Rigopoulos

TTK-11-40: removed

TTK-11-41: (inspire)
Benchmark models, planes, lines and points for future SUSY searches at the LHC
S. S. AbdusSalam, B. C Allanach, H. Dreiner, J. Ellis, U. Ellwanger, J. Gunion, S. Heinemeyer, M. Kraemer, M. Mangano, K. A. Olive, S. Rogerson, L. Roszkowski, M. Schlaffer, G. Weiglein

TTK-11-42: (inspire)
Probing double parton scattering with leptonic final states at the LHC
J. R. Gaunt, C. H. Kom, A. Kulesza, W. J. Stirling

TTK-11-43: (inspire)
G. Bevilacqua, M. Czakon, M-V. Garzelli, A. van Hameren, A. Kardos, C.G. Papadopoulosa, R. Pittau, M. Worek

TTK-11-44: (inspire)
Threshold production of unstable top
A. A. Penin, J. H. Piclum

TTK-11-45: (inspire)
Bayes and present dark matter direct search status
C. Arina

TTK-11-46: (inspire)
Using rates to measure mixed modulus-anomaly mediated supersymmetry breaking at the LHC
J. A. Conley, H. K. Dreiner, L. Glaser, M. Kraemer, J. Tattersall

TTK-11-47: (inspire)
NNLL resummation for squark-antisquark pair production at the LHC
W. Beenakker, S. Brensing, M. Kraemer, A. Kulesza, E. Laenen, I. Niessen

TTK-11-48: (inspire)
Parton Distributions: determining probabilities in a space of functions
R.D. Ball, V. Bertone, F. Cerutti, L. Del Debbio, S. Forte, A. Guffanti, J. I. Latorre, J. Rojo, M. Ubiali

TTK-11-49: (inspire)
NNLO analysis of the LHC W lepton charge asymmetry data
M. Ubiali

TTK-11-50: (inspire)
Precision NNLO determination of \alpha_s(M_Z) using an unbiased global parton set
R. D. Ball, V. Bertone, L. Del Debbio, S.Forte, A. Guffanti, J.I.Latorre, S. Lionetti, J. Rojo, M. Ubiali

TTK-11-51: (inspire)
B meson distribution amplitude from B \to \gamma \ell \nu
M. Beneke, J. Rohrwild

TTK-11-52: (inspire)
Multi-Parton Interactions at the LHC
P. Bartalini, E. L. Berger, B. Blok, G. Calucci,R. Corke, M. Diehl, Yu. Dokshitzer, L. Fano, L. Frankfurt, J. R. Gaunt, S. Gieseke, G. Gustafson, D. Kar, C.-H. Kom, A. Kulesza, E. Maina, Z. Nagy, Ch. Roehr, A. Siodmok, M. Schmelling, W. J. Stirling, M. Strikman, D. Treleanis

TTK-11-53: (inspire)
Foundation and generalization of the expansion by regions
B. Jantzen

TTK-11-54: (inspire)
Top-pair production at hadron colliders with next-to-next-to leading logarithmic soft-gluon resummation
M. Cacciari, M. Czakon, M. Mangano, A. Mitov, P. Nason

TTK-11-55: (inspire)
Evidence for dark matter modulation in CoGeNT
C. Arina, J. Hamann, R. Trotta, Y. Y. Y. Wong

TTK-11-56: (inspire)
Neutrino mass in cosmology: status and prospects
Y. Y. Y. Wong

TTK-11-57: (inspire)
Higgs production and decay with a fourth Standard-Model-like fermion generation
A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, A. Mueck, G. Passarino, M. Spira, C. Sturm, S. Uccirati, M. Weber

TTK-11-58: (inspire)
Top++: a program for the calculation of the top-pair cross-section at hadron colliders
M. Czakon, A. Mitov

TTK-11-59: (inspire)
A gradient expansion for cosmological backreaction
K. Enqvist, S. Hotchkiss, G. Rigopoulos

TTK-11-60: (inspire)
The top-quark pair production cross section at next-to-next-to-leading logarithmic order
M. Beneke, P. Falgari, S. Klein, C. Schwinn

TTK-11-61: (inspire)
Electroweak corrections to Higgs strahlung off W/Z bosons at the Tevatron and the LHC with Hawk
A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, S. Kallweit, A. Mueck

TTK-11-62: (inspire)
EW corrections to Higgs strahlung at the Tevatron and the LHC with HAWK
A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, S. Kallweit, A. Mueck

TTK-11-63: (inspire)
Effective Theory of Resonant Leptogenesis in the Closed-Time-Path Approach
B. Garbrecht, M. Herranen

TTK-11-64: (inspire)
Electroweak bremsstrahlung and indirect detection of dark matter by neutrino telescopes
N. Baro, M. Beneke, M. Kraemer, M. Rummel