Publications 2010


TTK-10-01: (inspire)
Tight constraints on F- and D-term hybrid inflation scenarios
R. A. Battye, A. Moss, B. Garbrecht

TTK-10-02: (inspire)
Renormalization of Non-quasipartonic Operators in QCD
J. Rohrwild

TTK-10-03: (inspire)
ZZ+jet and Graviton+jet at NLO QCD: recent applications using GOLEM methods
S. Karg, T. Binoth, T. Gleisberg, N. Kauer, G. Sanguinetti, M. Kraemer, Q. Li, D. Zeppenfeld

TTK-10-04: (inspire)
The Mass of the Higgs Boson in the Standard Electroweak Model
J. Erler (as long term visitor)

TTK-10-05: (inspire)
Electroweak precision for W+jet production
A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, T. Kasprzik, A. Mueck

TTK-10-06: (inspire)
Master integrals for massless three-loop form factors
T. Huber

TTK-10-07: (inspire)
Alternative subtraction scheme using Nagy Soper dipoles
T. Robens, C.-H. Chung

TTK-10-08: (inspire)
Soft gluon resummation for squark and gluino pair-production at hadron colliders
W. Beenakker, S. Brensing, M. Kraemer, A. Kulesza, E. Laenen, L. Motyka, I. Niessen

TTK-10-09: (inspire)
A NLO study of ttH -> ttbb signal versus ttbb background (as part of "The SM and NLO multileg working group: summary report")
G. Bevilacqua , M. Czakon, M. V. Garzelli , A. van Hameren , C. G. Papadopoulos , R. Pittau, M. Worek

TTK-10-10: (inspire)
Tops at NLO and NNLO
M. Czakon

TTK-10-11: (inspire)
All-order colour structure and two-loop anomalous dimension of soft radiation in heavy-particle pair production at the LHC
M. Beneke, P. Falgari, C. Schwinn

TTK-10-12: (inspire)
Soft and Coulomb gluon resummation in squark-antisquark production at the LHC
M. Beneke, P. Falgari, C. Schwinn

TTK-10-13: (inspire)
NLO Cross Sections for the LHC using GOLEM: Status and Prospects
T. Binoth, G. Cullen, N. Greiner, A. Guffanti, J.-P. Guillet, G. Heinrich, S. Karg, N. Kauer, T. Reiter, J. Reuter

TTK-10-14: (inspire)
Phase space matching and finite lifetime effects for top-pair production close to threshold
A. Hoang, C. Reisser, P. Ruiz-Femenia

TTK-10-15: (inspire)
Dark Matter Decaying into a Fermi Sea of Neutrinos
O. E. Bjaelde, S. Das

TTK-10-16: (inspire)
Finite Number Density Corrections to Leptogenesis
M. Beneke, B. Garbrecht, M. Herranen, P. Schwaller

TTK-10-17: (inspire)
Radiative contribution to neutrino masses and mixing in munuSSM
P. Ghosh, P. Dey, B. Mukhopadhyaya, S. Roy

TTK-10-18: (inspire)
Feynman Graph Polynomials
C. Bogner, S. Weinzierl

TTK-10-19: (inspire)
Dominant QCD Backgrounds in Higgs Boson Analyses at the LHC: A Study of pp -> tt + 2 jets at Next-To-Leading Order
G. Bevilacqua, M. Czakon, C. G. Papadopoulos, M. Worek

TTK-10-20: (inspire)
How large can the SM contribution to CP violation in D^0-\barD^0 mixing be?
M. Bobrowski, A. Lenz, J.Riedl, J. Rohrwild

TTK-10-21: (inspire)
Decaying neutrinos: The long way to isotropy
A. Basboll, O. E. Bjaelde

TTK-10-22: (inspire)
Distributions and correlations for top quark pair production and decay at the Tevatron and LHC
W. Bernreuther, Z.-G. Si

TTK-10-23: (inspire)
Boltzmann  hierarchy for the cosmic microwave background at second order including photon polarization
M. Beneke, C. Fidler

TTK-10-24: (inspire)
SUSY parameter determination at the LHC using cross sections and kinematic edges
H. K. Dreiner, M. Kraemer, J. M. Lindert, B. O'Leary

TTK-10-25: (inspire)
Pseudoscalar Higgs bosons at the LHC: production and decays into electroweak gauge bosons revisited
W. Bernreuther, P. Gonzalez, M. Wiebusch

TTK-10-26: (inspire)
Same sign W production as a probe of doubel parton scattering at the LHC
J. Gaunt, C.-H.Kom, A. Kulesza, J. Stirling

TTK-10-27: (inspire)
Cosmological parameters from large scale structure - geometric versus shape information
J. Hamann, S. Hannestad, J. Lesgourgues, C. Rampf, Y. Y. Y. Wong

TTK-10-28: (inspire)
Neutrino and axion hot dark matter bounds after WMAP-7
S. Hannestad, A. Mirizzi, G. G. Raffelt, Y. Y. Y. Wong

TTK-10-29: (inspire)
Electroweak non-resonant NLO corrections to e^+e^- -> W^+W^-b \bar{b} in the t\bar{t} resonance region
B. Jantzen, P. Ruiz-Femenia, M. Beneke

TTK-10-30: (inspire)
Neutrinos in Non-linear Structure Formation - The Effect on Halo Properties
J. Brandbyge, S. Hannestad, T. Haugbolle, Y. Y. Y. Wong

TTK-10-31: (inspire)
A novel subtraction scheme for double-real radiation at NNLO
M. Czakon

TTK-10-32: (inspire)
Less space for a new family of fermions
O. Eberhardt, A. Lenz, J. Rohrwild

TTK-10-33: (inspire)
Supersymmetric top and bottom squark production at hadron colliders
W. Beenakker, S. Brensing, M. Kraemer, A. Kulesza, E. Laenen, I. Niessen

TTK-10-34: (inspire)
Coherent quantum Boltzmann equations from cQPA
M. Herranen, K. Kainulainen, P. M. Rahkila

TTK-10-35: (inspire)
Properties of Feynman graph polynomials
C. Bogner

TTK-10-36: (inspire)
Cosmology seeking friendship with sterile neutrinos
J. Hamann, S. Hannestad, G. G. Raffelt, I. Tamborra, Y. Y. Y. Wong

TTK-10-37: (inspire)
Modern Summation Methods and the Computation of 2- and 3-loop Feynman Diagrams
J. Ablinger, J. Bluemlein, S. Klein, C. Schneider

TTK-10-38: (inspire)
Heavy flavor DIS Wilson coefficients in the asymptotic regime
J. Ablinger, I. Bierenbaum, J. Bluemlein, A. Hasselhuhn, S. Klein, C. Schneider, F. Wissbrock

TTK-10-39: (inspire)
NLO QCD calculations with HELAC-NLO
G. Bevilacqua, M. Czakon, M. V. Garzelli, A. van Hameren, Y. Malamos, C. G. Papadopoulos, R. Pittau, M. Worek

TTK-10-40: (inspire)
Logaritmic O(\alpha_s^3) contributions to the DIS Heavy Flavor Wilson Coefficients at Q^2 >> m^2
I. Bierenbaum, J. Bluemlein, S. Klein

TTK-10-41: (inspire)
Testing the Void against Cosmological data: fitting CMB, BAO, SN and H0
T. Biswas, A. Notari, W. Valkenburg

TTK-10-42: (inspire)
Heavy-to-light currents at NNLO in SCET and semi-inclusive B ->  X_s l^+ l^- decay
G. Bell, M. Beneke, T. Huber, X.-Q. Li

TTK-10-43: (inspire)
Threshold expansion of massive coloured particle cross sections
M. Beneke, P. Falgari, S. Klein, C. Schwinn

TTK-10-44: (inspire)
Flavoured Leptogenesis in the CTP Formalism
M. Beneke, C. Fidler, B. Garbrecht, M. Herranen, P. Schwaller

TTK-10-45: (inspire)
Threshold resummation for pair production of coloured heavy particles at hadron colliders
M. Beneke, P. Falgari, C. Schwinn

TTK-10-46: (inspire)
The O(\alpha_s^3) Massive Operator Matrix Elements of O(n_f) to the Structure Function F_2(x,Q^2) and Transversity
J. Ablinger, J. Bluemlein, S. Klein, C. Schneider, F. Wissbrock

TTK-10-47: (inspire)
Spherical collapse of dark energy with an arbitrary sound speed
T. Basse, O. E. Bjaelde, Y. Y. Y. Wong

TTK-10-48: (inspire)
Keynote: some remarks on top
W. Bernreuther

TTK-10-49: (inspire)
A Symbolic Summation Approach to Feynman Integral Calculus
J. Bluemlein, S. Klein, C. Schneider, F. Stan

TTK-10-50: (inspire)
Leptogenesis: The Other Cuts
B. Garbrecht

TTK-10-51: (inspire)
Gluon-fusion contributions to \phi + 2 jet production
F. Campanario, M. Kubocz, D. Zeppenfeld

TTK-10-52: (inspire)
Precision cosmology as a neutrino laboratory
Y. Y. Y. Wong

TTK-10-53: (inspire)
Electroweak non-resonant corrections to top pair production close to threshold
M. Beneke, B. Jantzen, P. Ruiz-Femenia

TTK-10-54: (inspire)
Z+jet production at the LHC: Electroweak radiative corrections
A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, T. Kasprzik, A. Mueck

TTK-10-55: (inspire)
Reweighting NNPDFs: the W lepton asymmetry
R. D. Ball, V. Bertone, F. Cerutti, L. Del Debbio, S. Forte, A. Guffanti, J. I. Latorre, J. Rojo, M. Ubiali

TTK-10-56: (inspire)
Complete off-shell effects in top quark pair hadroproduction with leptonic decay at next-to-leading order
G. Bevilacqua, M. Czakon, A. van Hameren, C. G. Papadopoulos, M. Worek

TTK-10-57: (inspire)
On the Status of V_{td}, V_{ts} and V_{tb} Unitarity Triangle
J. Rohrwild

TTK-10-58: (inspire)
Double-real radiation in hadronic top quark pair production as a proof of a certain concept
M. Czakon

TTK-10-59: (inspire)
An alternative subtraction scheme for next-to-leading order QCD calculations
C.-H. Chung, M. Kramer, T. Robens