Publications 2014


TTK-14-01: (inspire)
Three-loop matching of the vector current
P. Marquard, J. Piclum, D. Seidel, M. Steinhauser

TTK-14-02: (inspire)
Leptonic decay of the Upsilon(1S) meson at third order in QCD
M. Beneke, Y. Kiyo, P. Marquard, A. Penin, J. Piclum, D. Seidel, M. Steinhauser

TTK-14-03: (inspire)
On the ratio of the ttbb and ttjj cross sections at the CERN Large Hadron Collider
G. Bevilacqua, M. Worek

TTK-14-04: (inspire)
Decays of polarized top quarks to lepton, neutrino and jets to NLO QCD
W. Bernreuther, P. Gonzalez, C. Mellein

TTK-14-05: (inspire)
B-Meson Light-Cone Distribution Amplitude: Perturbative Constraints and Asymptotic Behaviour in Dual Space
T. Feldmann, B. Lange, Y.-M. Wang

TTK-14-06: (inspire)
Hyperfine splitting in positronium to O(alpha^7 m_e): one-photon annihilation contribution
M. Baker, P. Marquard, A.A. Penin, J. Piclum, M. Steinhauser

TTK-14-07: (inspire)
Higgs boson CP-properties of the gluonic contributions in Higgs plus three jet production via gluon fusion at the LHC
F. Campanario, M. Kubocz

TTK-14-08: (inspire)
NNLL resummation for squark and gluino production at the LHC
W. Beenakker, C. Borschensky, M. Kraemer, A. Kulesza, E. Laenen, V. Theeuwes, S. Thewes

TTK-14-09: (inspire)
Gravitino DM and high reheating temperatures after LHC 7/8
J. Heisig

TTK-14-10: (inspire)
Top Quark Charge Asymmetry: Searching for Light Axigluons in top pair + jet Production at the LHC
S. Alte, S. Berge, H. Spiesberger

TTK-14-11: (inspire)
Anomalous Higgs couplings in angular asymmetries of H \to Z l^+l^- and e^+e^- \to H Z
M. Beneke, D. Boito, Y.-M. Wang

TTK-14-12: (inspire)
Closing the stop gap
M. Czakon, A. Mitov, M. Papucci, J. T. R., A. Weiler

TTK-14-13: (inspire)
Squark and gluino production cross sections in pp collisions at \sqrt{s} = 13, 14, 33 and 100 TeV
C. Borschensky, M. Kraemer, A. Kulesza, M. Mangano, S. Padhi, T. Plehn, X. Portell

TTK-14-14: (inspire)
Determination of the Higgs CP mixing angle in the tau decay modes at the LHC including the Drell-Yan background
S.Berge, W.Bernreuther, S. Kirchner

TTK-14-15: (inspire)
The real-virtual antenna functions for S \to Q \qbar X at NNLO QCD
O. Dekkers, W. Bernreuther

TTK-14-16: (inspire)
Four-dimensional formulation of the sector-improved residue subtraction scheme
M. Czakon, D. Heymes

TTK-14-17: (inspire)
Squark Production and Decay matched with Parton Showers at NLO
R. Gavin, C. Hangst, M. Kraemer, M. Muehlleitner, M. Pellen, E. Popenda, M. Spira

TTK-14-18: (inspire)
High precision fundamental constants at the TeV scale
S. Moch, S. Weinzierl, S. Alekhin, J. Piclum, et al.

TTK-14-19: (inspire)
Unraveling models of CP violation through electric dipole moments of light nuclei
W. Dekens, J. de Vries, J. Bsaisou, W. Bernreuther, C. Hanhart, Ulf-G. Meiner, A. Nogga, A. Wirzba

TTK-14-20: (inspire)
Improved Cross Section Predictions for Heavy charged Higgs boson production at the LHC
M. Flechl, R. Klees, M. Kraemer, M. Spira, M. Ubiali

Heavy neutralino relic abundance with Sommerfeld enhancements - a study of pMSSM scenarios
M. Beneke, C. Hellmann, P. Ruiz-Femenia

TTK-14-22: (inspire)
Non-relativistic pair annihilation of nearly mass degenerate neutralinos and charginos: III. Computation of the Sommerfeld enhancements
M. Beneke, C. Hellmann, P. Ruiz-Femenia

TTK-14-23: (inspire)
Electroweak fragmentation functions for dark matter annihilation
L. Ali Cavasonza, M. Kraemer, M. Pellen

TTK-14-24: (inspire)
Observing nonstandard W' and Z' through the third generation and Higgs lens
L. Edelhaeuser, A. Knochel

TTK-14-25: (inspire)
Vices and Virtues of Higgs EFTs at Large Energy
A. Biekoetter, A. Knochel, M. Kraemer, D. Liu, F. Riva

TTK-14-26: (inspire)
Constraining supersymmetry at the LHC with simplified models
L. Edelhaeuser, J. Heisig, M. Kraemer, L. Oymanns, J. Sonneveld

TTK-14-27: (inspire)
CP-violating Higgs boson production in association with three jets via gluon fusion
F. Campanario, M. Kubocz

TTK-14-28: (inspire)
General formulation of the sector-improved residue subtraction
D. Heymes

TTK-14-29: (inspire)
Determination of the Higgs CP-mixing angle in the tau decay channels
S. Berge, W. Bernreuther, S. Kirchner

TTK-14-30: (inspire)
How alive is constrained SUSY really?
P. Bechtle, K. Desch, H. K. Dreiner, M. Hamer, M. Kraemer, B. O'Leary, W. Porod, B. Sarrazin, T. Stefaniak, M. Uhlenbrock, P. Wienemann

TTK-14-31: (inspire)
Non-dipolar Wilson links for transverse-momentum-dependent wave functions
H.-N. Li, Y.-M. Wang

TTK-14-32: (inspire)
Resolving the Tevatron top quark forward-backward asymmetry puzzle
M. Czakon, P. Fiedler, A. Mitov

TTK-14-33: (inspire)
The bottom-quark mass from non-relativistic sum rules at NNNLO
M. Beneke, A. Maier, J. Piclum, T. Rauh

TTK-14-34: (inspire)
Signatures of anomalous Higgs couplings in angular asymmetries of H \to Z l^+l^- and e^+e^- \to H Z
M. Beneke, D. Boito, Y.-M. Wang

TTK-14-35: (inspire)
Effective field theory interpretation of searches for dark matter annihilation in the Sun with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
J. Blumenthal, P. Gretskov, M. Kraemer, C. Wiebusch

TTK-14-36: (inspire)
HAWK 2.0: A Monte Carlo program for Higgs production in vector-boson fusion and Higgs strahlung at hadron colliders
A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, S. Kallweit, A. Mueck