Publikationen 2015


TTK-15-01: (inspire)
Simplified models for same-spin new physics scenarios
L. Edelhaeuser, M. Kraemer, J. Sonneveld

TTK-15-02: (inspire)
Summary of the Topical Workshop on Top Quark Differential Distributions 2014
M. Czakon, A. Mitov, J. Rojo

TTK-15-03: (inspire)
Automated NLO/NLL Monte Carlo programs for the LHC
M. Czakon, M. Krämer, M. Worek

TTK-15-04: (inspire)
Higher-order QCD corrections to supersymmetric particle production and decay at the LHC
M. Krämer, M. Muehlleitner

TTK-15-05: (inspire)
Higgs Physics
M. Muehlleitner, M. Krämer

TTK-15-06: (inspire)
Higgs boson production in association with top quarks in the POWHEG BOX
H. B. Hartanto, B. Jaeger, L. Reina, D. Wackeroth

TTK-15-07: (inspire)
Matching the Nagy-Soper parton shower at next-to-leading order
M. Czakon, H. B. Hartanto, M. Kraus, M. Worek

TTK-15-08: (inspire)
The (Q_7,Q_(1,2)) contribution to B -> Xs gamma at O(alphas^2)
M. Czakon, P. Fiedler, T. Huber, M. Misiak, T. Schutzmeier, M. Steinhauser

TTK-15-09: (inspire)
Updated NNLO QCD predictions for the weak radiative B-meson decays
H. M. Asatrian, R. Boughezal, M. Czakon, T. Ewerth, A. Ferroglia, P. Fiedler, P. Gambino, C. Greub, U. Haisch, T. Huber, M. Misiak, G. Ossola, M. Poradzinski, A. Rehman, T. Schutzmeier, M. Steinhauser, J. Virto

TTK-15-10: (inspire)
Applying EFT to Higgs Pair Production in Universal Extra Dimensions
L. Edelhaeuser, A. Knochel, T. Steeger

TTK-15-11: (inspire)
Constraints on the reheating temperature from sizable tensor modes
V. Domcke, J. Heisig

TTK-15-12: (inspire)
Physics at the e+ e- Linear Collider
G. Moortgat-Pick, et al. (from TTK: J. Heisig)

TTK-15-13: (inspire)
Limits and Fits from Simplified Models
J. Sonneveld

TTK-15-14: (inspire)
Lepton-mass effects in the decays H -> ZZ* -> l+ l- tau+ tau- and H -> WW* -> l nu tau nu_tau
S. Berge, S. Groote, J.G. Körner, L. Kaldamäe

TTK-15-15: (inspire)
Symmetry Restored in Dibosons at the LHC?
J. Brehmer, J. Hewett, J. Kopp, T. Rizzo, J. Tattersall

TTK-15-16: (inspire)
A set of top quark spin correlation and polarization observables for the LHC: Standard Model predictions and new physics contributions
W. Bernreuther, D. Heisler, Z.-G.Si

Matching the Nagy-Soper parton shower at next-to-leading order
H. B. Hartanto

Naughty or Nice? The Role of the `N' in the NMSSM for the LHC
J.-S. Kim, D. Schmeier, J. Tattersall

TTK-15-19: (inspire)
Higher-order QCD predictions for dark matter production at the LHC in simplied models with s-channel mediators
M. Backovic, M. Krämer, F. Maltoni, A. Martini, K. Mawatari, M. Pellen

TTK-15-20: (inspire)
Simplified models for exotic BSM searches
J. Heisig, A. Lessa, L. Quertenmont

TTK-15-21: (inspire)
pp -> ttj + X matched to the Nagy-Soper parton shower at NLO QCD
M. Kraus

TTK-15-22: (inspire)
Top Quark Pair Production in Association with a Jet with NLO QCD Off-Shell Effects at the Large Hadron Collider
G. Bevilacqua, H. B. Hartanto, M. Kraus, M. Worek

TTK-15-23: (inspire)
Constraints on Majorana Dark Matter from the LHC and IceCube
J. Heisig, M. Krämer, M. Pellen, C. Wiebusch

TTK-15-24: (inspire)
Dark Matter at the LHC and IceCube - a Simplified Model Interpretation
J. Heisig, M. Pellen

TTK-15-25: (inspire)
Killing the cMSSM softly
P. Bechtle, J. E. Camargo-Molina, K. Desch, H. Dreiner, M. Hamer, M. Krämer, B. O'Leary, W. Porod, B. Sarrazin, T. Stefaniak, M. Uhlenbrock, P. Wienemann

TTK-15-26: (inspire)
NLO+NLL squark and gluino production cross-sections with threshold-improved parton distributions
W. Beenakker, C. Borschensky, M. Krämer, A. Kulesza, E. Laenen, S. Marzani, J. Rojo

TTK-15-27: (inspire)
Cosmology with Lyman-alpha forest power spectrum
N. Palanque-Delabrouille et al. (from TTK: J. Lesgourgues)

TTK-15-28: (inspire)
Planck 2015 results. XVI. Isotropy and statistics of the CMB
Planck Collaboration (from TTK: J. Lesgourgues)

TTK-15-29: (inspire)
Planck 2015 results. XI. CMB power spectra, likelihoods, and robustness of parameters
Planck Collaboration (from TTK: J. Lesgourgues)

TTK-15-30: (inspire)
Evidence for dark matter interactions in cosmological precision data?
J. Lesgourgues, G. Marques-Tavares, M. Schmaltz

TTK-15-31: (inspire)
Dark Matter annihilations in halos and the reionization of the universe
V. Poulin, P. D. Serpico, J. Lesgourgues

TTK-15-32: (inspire)
Prospects of constraining the Higgs CP nature in the tau decay channel at the LHC
S. Berge, W. Bernreuther, S. Kirchner

TTK-15-33: (inspire)
Production of heavy Higgs bosons and decay into top quarks at the LHC
W. Bernreuther, P. Galler, C. Mellein, Z.G. Si, P. Uwer

TTK-15-34: (inspire)
High-precision differential predictions for top-quark pairs at the LHC
M. Czakon, D. Heymes, A. Mitov

TTK-15-35: (inspire)
Improved effective vector boson approximation revisited
W. Bernreuther, L. Chen

TTK-15-36: (inspire)
Dominant mixed QCD--electroweak O(alphas alpha) corrections to Drell--Yan processes in the resonance region
S. Dittmaier, A. Huss, C. Schwinn

TTK-15-37: (inspire)
Efficient calculation of cosmological neutrino clustering with both linear and non-linear gravity
M. Archidiacono, S. Hannestad

TTK-15-38: (inspire)
Higgs production in heavy quark annihilation through next-to-next-to-leading order QCD
R. Harlander

TTK-15-39: (inspire)
Theory status of four-fermion production at e-e+ colliders
C. Schwinn

TTK-15-40: (inspire)
Probing Modified Gravity with Atom-Interferometry: a Numerical Approach
S. Schlogel, S. Clesse, A. Fuzfa

TTK-15-41: (inspire)
Numerical forecasts for lab experiments constraining modified gravity: the chameleon model
S. Schlogel, S. Clesse, A. Fuzfa

TTK-15-42: (inspire)
Beyond Lambda-CDM: Problems, solutions, and the road ahead
P. Bull et al. (from TTK: S. Clesse)

TTK-15-43: (inspire)
Unveiling the Gamma-ray Source Count Distribution Below the Fermi Detection Limit with Photon Statistics
H.-S. Zechlin, A. Cuoco, F. Donato, N. Fornengo, A. Vittino