Publikationen 2016


TTK-16-01: (inspire)
NNLL resummation for stop pair production at the LHC
W. Beenakker, C. Borschensky, R. Heger, M. Krämer, A. Kulesza, E. Laenen

TTK-16-02: (inspire)
NLO QCD predictions for fully-differential top-quark pair production at the Tevatron
M. Czakon, P. Fiedler, D. Heymes, A. Mitov

TTK-16-03: (inspire)
Simplified Models for Higgs Physics: Singlet Scalar and Vector-like Quark Phenomenology
M.J. Dolan, J.L. Hewett, M. Krämer, T.G. Rizzo

TTK-16-04: (inspire)
NLO calculations matched with the Nagy-Soper parton shower
M. Czakon, B. Hartanto, M. Kraus, M. Worek

TTK-16-05: (inspire)
Pushing Higgs Effective Theory over the Edge
A. Biekötter, J. Brehmer, T. Plehn

TTK-16-06: (inspire)
Sensitivity Projections for Dark Matter Searches with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Fermi-LAT collaboration (from TTK: A. Cuoco)

TTK-16-07: (inspire)
The angular power spectrum of the diffuse gamma-ray emission as measured by the Fermi Large Area Telescope and constraints on its Dark Matter interpretation
M. Fornasa, A. Cuoco, J. Zavala, J.M. Gaskins, M.A. Sanchez-Conde, G. Gomez-Vargas, E. Komatsu, T. Linden, F. Prada, F. Zandanel, A. Morselli

TTK-16-08: (inspire)
Recommendations on presenting LHC searches for missing transverse energy signals using simplified s-channel models of dark matter
A. Boveia et al. (from TTK: J. Heisig)

TTK-16-09: (inspire)
A Global Fit of the Gamma-Ray Galactic Center Excess within the Scalar Singlet Higgs Portal Model
A. Cuoco, B. Eiteneuer, J. Heisig, M. Krämer

TTK-16-10: (inspire)
The clustering of massive primordial black holes as dark matter: measuring their mass distribution with Advanced LIGO
S. Clesse, J. Garcia-Belldio

TTK-16-11: (inspire)
Curvature constraints from Large Scale Structure
E. Di Dio, F. Montanari, A. Raccanelli, R. Durrer, M. Kamionkowski, J. Lesgourgues

TTK-16-12: (inspire)
Two loop correction to interference in gg -> ZZ
J. M. Campbell, R. K. Ellis, M. Czakon, S. Kirchner

TTK-16-13: (inspire)
A comprehensive approach to dark matter studies: exploration of simplified top-philic models
C. Arina, M. Backovic, E. Conte, B. Fuks, J. Guo, J. Heisig, B. Hespel, M. Krämer, F. Maltoni, A. Martini, O. Mattelaer, K. Mawatari, M. Pellen, E. Vryonidou

TTK-16-14: (inspire)
SusHi Bento: Beyond NNLO and the heavy top-limit
R. V. Harlander, S. Liebler, H. Mantler

TTK-16-15: (inspire)
Top Pair Production with a Jet with NLO QCD Off-shell Effects
M. Worek

TTK-16-16: (inspire)
hi_class: Horndeski in the Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System
M. Zumalacarregui, E. Bellini, I. Sawicki, J. Lesgourgues

TTK-16-17: (inspire)
Natural SUSY: Now or Never?
J. Soo Kim, K. Rolbiecki, R. Ruiz, J. Tattersall, T. Weber

TTK-16-18: (inspire)
LiSK - A C++ Library for Evaluating Classical Polylogarithms and Li_{22}
S. Kirchner

TTK-16-19: (inspire)
The perturbative QCD gradient flow to three loops
R.V. Harlander, T. Neumann

TTK-16-20: (inspire)
A fresh look at linear cosmological constraints on a decaying dark matter
V. Poulin, P. D. Serpico, J. Lesgourgues

TTK-16-21: (inspire)
Dynamical scales for multi-TeV top-pair production at the LHC
M. Czakon, D. Heymes, A. Mitov

TTK-16-22: (inspire)
Constraining new physics with collider measurements of Standard Model signatures
J.M. Butterworth, D. Grellscheid, M. Krämer, D. Yallup

TTK-16-23: (inspire)
Relic neutrino decoupling with flavour oscillations revisited
P. F. de Salas, S. Pasto

TTK-16-24: (inspire)
Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 4. Deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector
D. de Florian et al. (from TTK: A. Biekötter, R. Harlander, H.B. Hartanto, A. Mück)

TTK-16-25: (inspire)
Statistical Measurement of the Gamma-Ray Source Count Distribution as a Function of Energy
H.-S. Zechlin, A. Cuoco, F. Donato, N. Fornengo, M. Regis

TTK-16-26: (inspire)
NLO QCD corrections to off-shell ttj production at the LHC
M. Worek

TTK-16-27: (inspire)
Galactic cosmic-ray propagation in the light of AMS-02: I. Analysis of protons, helium, and antiprotons
M. Korsmeier, A. Cuoco

TTK-16-28: (inspire)
NNLL-fast: predictions for coloured supersymmetric particle production at the LHC with threshold and Coulomb resummation
W. Beenakker, C. Borschensky, M. Krämer, A. Kulesza, E. Laenen

TTK-16-29: (inspire)
NLO QCD off-shell effects for top pair production with a jet in the dilepton channel
M. Kraus

TTK-16-30: (inspire)
Off-shell Top Quarks with One Jet at the LHC: A comprehensive analysis at NLO QCD
G. Bevilacqua, H. B. HartantoM. KrausM. Worek

TTK-16-31: (inspire)
NNLL soft and Coulomb resummation for squark and gluino  production at the LHC
M. Beneke, J. Piclum, C. Schwinn, C. Wever

TTK-16-32: (inspire)
Observing the Top Energy Asymmetry at the LHC
S. Berge, S. Westhoff

TTK-16-33: (inspire)
Bump-hunting in LHC tt events
M. Czakon, D. Heymes, A. Mitov

TTK-16-34: (inspire)
Complementarity of Resonant Scalar, Vector-Like Quark and Superpartner Searches in Elucidating New Phenomena
A. Biekötter, J.L. Hewett, J.S. Kim, M. Krämer, T.G. Rizzo, K. Rolbiecki, J. Tattersall, T. Weber

TTK-16-35: (inspire)
Precision Studies of Observables in pp → W → lnu and pp → Z → l+l- processes at the LHC
S. Alioli et al. (from TTK: A. Mück, C. Schwinn)

to be published soon

TTK-16-37: (inspire)
A White Paper on keV Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter
M. Drewes et al. (from TTK: M. Archidiacono, J. Lesgourgues)

TTK-16-38: (inspire)
Pseudoscalar - sterile neutrino interactions: reconciling the cosmos with neutrino oscillations
M. Archidiacono, S. Gariazzo, C. Giunti, S. Hannestad, R. Hansen, M. Laveder, T. Tram

TTK-16-39: (inspire)
Constraints on leptophilic dark matter from the AMS-02 experiment
L. Ali Cavasonza, H. Gast, M. Krämer, M. Pellen, S. Schäl

TTK-16-40: (inspire)
A non-abelian factorisation for next-to-leading-power threshold logarithms
D. Bonocore, E. Laenen, L. Magnea, L. Vernazza, C. D. White

TTK-16-41: (inspire)
Top-quark pair production at next-to-next-to-leading order QCD in electron positron collisions
L. Chen, O. Dekkers, D. Heisler, W. Bernreuther, Z.-G. Si

TTK-16-42: (inspire)
Detecting the gravitational wave background from primordial black hole dark matter
S. Clesse, J. Garcia-Bellido

TTK-16-43: (inspire)
Heavy Higgs boson resonances and their decay into top quarks at the LHC
W. Bernreuther, P. Galler, C. Mellein, Z.-G. Si, P. Uwer

TTK-16-44: (inspire)
Physical effects involved in the measurements of the neutrino masses with future cosmological data
M. Archidiacono, T. Brinckmann, J. Lesgourgues, V. Poulin

TTK-16-45: (inspire)
Cosmological constraints on exotic injection of electromagnetic energy
V. Poulin, J. Lesgourgues, P. Serpico

TTK-16-46: (inspire)
Heavy flavour corrections to polarised and unpolarised deep-inelastic scattering at 3-loop order
J. Ablinger, A. Behring, J. Blümlein, A. De Freitas, A. Hasselhuhn, A. von Manteuffel, M. Round, C. Schneider, F. Wißbrock

TTK-16-47: (inspire)
CheckMATE 2: From the model to the limit
D. Dercks, N. Desai, J. S. Kim, K. Rolbiecki, J. Tattersall, T. Weber

TTK-16-48: (inspire)
Resonance improved parton-shower matching for the Drell-Yan process including electroweak corrections
A. Mück, L. Oymanns

TTK-16-49: (inspire)
Pinning down the large-x gluon with NNLO top-quark pair differential distributions
M. Czakon, N. P. Hartland, A. Mitov, E. R. Nocera, J. Rojo

TTK-16-50: (inspire)
Radiative distortion of kinematic edges in cascade decays
M. Beneke, L. Jenniches, A. Mück, M. Ubiali

TTK-16-51: (inspire)
The forward-backward asymmetry for massive bottom quarks at the $Z$ peak
at next-to-next-to-leading order QCD
W. Bernreuther, L. Chen, O. Dekkers, T. Gehrmann, D. Heisler

TTK-16-52: (inspire)
Heavy Higgs boson production and decay into top quarks at the LHC
W. Bernreuther, P. Galler, C. Mellein, Z.-G. Si, P. Uwer

TTK-16-53: (inspire)
Exploring Cosmic Origins with CORE: Cosmological Parameters
CORE collaboration (from TTK: T. Brinckmann, V. Poulin, J. Lesgourgues, S. Clesse, D. Hooper)

TTK-16-54: (inspire)
Zeldovich pancakes in observational data are cold  
T. Brinckmann, M. Lindholmer, S.H. Hansen, M. Falco

TTK-16-55: (inspire)
Exploring Cosmic Origins with CORE: Inflation
CORE collaboration (from TTK: T. Brinckmann, V. Poulin, J. Lesgourgues, S. Clesse, D. Hooper)