Publikationen 2018


TTK-18-01: (inspire)
Exotic energy injection with ExoCLASS: Application to the Higgs portal model and evaporating black holes
P. Stöcker, M. Krämer, J. Lesgourgues, V. Poulin

TTK-18-02: (inspire)
Soft-gluon and Coulomb corrections to hadronic top-quark pair production beyond NNLO
J. Piclum, C. Schwinn

TTK-18-03: (inspire)
On the LHC sensitivity for non-thermalised hidden sectors
F. Kahlhoefer

TTK-18-04: (inspire)
Cosmology in the era of Euclid and the Square Kilometre Array
T. Sprenger, M. Archidiacono, T. Brinckmann, S. Clesse, J. Lesgourgues

TTK-18-05: (inspire)
Top-philic dark matter within and beyond the WIMP paradigm
M. Garny, J. Heisig, M. Hufnagel, B. Lülf

TTK-18-06: (inspire)
Production cross sections of cosmic antiprotons in the light of new data from NA61 and LHCb experiments
M. Korsmeier, F. Donato, M. Di Mauro

Resummation for (boosted) top-quark pair production at NNLO+NNLL' in QCD
M. Czakon, A. Ferroglia, D. Heymes, A. Mitov, B. D. Pecjak, D. J. Scott, X. Wang, L. L. Yang

TTK-18-08: (inspire)
Model-independent comparison of annual modulation and total rate with same-target experiments
F. Kahlhoefer, F. Reindl, K. Schäffner, K. Schmidt-Hoberg, S. Wild

TTK-18-09: (inspire)
Hard Photons in Hadroproduction of Top Quarks with Realistic Final States
G. Bevilacqua, H. B. Hartanto, M. Kraus, T. Weber, M. Worek

TTK-18-10: (inspire)
Converting non-relativistic dark matter to radiation
T. Bringmann, F. Kahlhoefer, K. Schmidt-Hoberg, P. Walia

TTK-18-11: (inspire)
Les Houches 2017: Physics at TeV Colliders New Physics Working Group Report
G. Brooijmans et al. (from TTK: J. Heisig)

TTK-18-12: (inspire)
MadDM v.3.0: a Comprehensive Tool for Dark Matter Studies
F. Ambrogi, C. Arina, M. Backovic, J. Heisig, F. Maltoni, L. Mantani, O. Mattelaer, G. Mohlabeng

TTK-18-13: (inspire)
A simplified expression for the one-loop soft-gluon current with massive fermions
M. Czakon, A. Mitov

TTK-18-14: (inspire)
Uncertainties in the Lightest CP Even Higgs Boson Mass Prediction in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model: Fixed Order Versus Effective Field Theory Prediction
B. Allanach, A. Voigt

TTK-18-15: (inspire)
MontePython 3: boosted MCMC sampler and other features
T. Brinckmann, J. Lesgourgues

TTK-18-16: (inspire)
Gaugino Mediation with Large Trilinears
J. Heisig, J. Kersten, N. Murphy, I. Strümke

TTK-18-17: (inspire)
Dark matter and long-lived particles at the LHC
J. Heisig

TTK-18-18: (inspire)
Differential decay rates of CP-even and CP-odd Higgs bosons to top and bottom quarks at NNLO QCD
W. Bernreuther, L. Chen, Z.-G. Si

TTK-18-19: (inspire)
Extending the Universal One-Loop Effective Action by Regularization Scheme Translating Operators
B. Summ, A. Voigt

TTK-18-20: (inspire)
Precise predictions for ttgamma/tt cross  section ratios  at the LHC
G. Bevilacqua, H. B. Hartanto, M. Kraus, T. Weber, M. Worek

TTK-18-21: (inspire)
Impact of vacuum stability, perturbativity and XENON1T on global fits of Z2 and Z3 scalar singlet dark matter
P. Athron, J. M. Cornell, F. Kahlhoefer, J. McKay, P. Scott, S. Wild

TTK-18-22: (inspire)
The light CP-even MSSM Higgs mass resummed to fourth logarithmic order
R.V. Harlander, J. Klappert, A.D. Ochoa, A. Voigt

TTK-18-23: (inspire)
A new approach to cosmological structure formation with massive neutrinos
C. Fidler, A. Kleinjohann, T. Tram, C. Rampf, K. Koyama

TTK-18-24: (inspire)
Bias due to neutrinos must not uncorrect'd go
S. Vagnozzi, T. Brinckmann, M. Archidiacono,  K. Freese, M. Gerbino,  J. Lesgourgues, T. Sprenger

TTK-18-25: (inspire)
Planck 2018 results. I. Overview and the cosmological legacy of Planck
Planck Collaboration (from TTK: J. Lesgourgues)

TTK-18-26: (inspire)
Planck 2018 results. VI. Cosmological parameters
Planck Collaboration (from TTK: J. Lesgourgues)

TTK-18-27: (inspire)
Planck 2018 results. X. Constraints on inflation
Planck Collaboration (from TTK: D. C. Hooper, J. Lesgourgues)

TTK-18-28: (inspire)
Beyond the traditional Line-of-Sight approach of cosmological angular statistics
N. Schöneberg, M. Simonovic, J. Lesgourgues, M. Zaldarriaga

TTK-18-29: (inspire)
The promising future of a robust cosmological neutrino mass measurement
T. Brinckmann, D. C. Hooper, M. Archidiacono, J. Lesgourgues, T. Sprenger

TTK-18-30: (inspire)
The Fermi Bubbles from Stochastic Acceleration by Turbulence in a Galactic Outflow
P. Mertsch, V. Petrosian

TTK-18-31: (inspire)
Constraining new physics with searches for long-lived particles: Implementation into SModelS
J. Heisig, S. Kraml, A. Lessa

The two-loop energy-momentum tensor within the gradient flow formalism
R. Harlander, Y. Kluth, F. Lange

TTK-18-33: (inspire)
Sector-improved residue subtraction: Improvements and Applications
A. Behring, M. Czakon, R. Poncelet

TTK-18-34: (inspire)
Global analyses of Higgs portal singlet dark matter models using GAMBIT
The GAMBIT Collaboration (from TTK: F. Kahlhoefer)

TTK-18-35: (inspire)
NNLO soft function for top quark pair production at small transverse momentum
R. Angeles-Martinez, M. Czakon, S. Sapeta

TTK-18-36: (inspire)
Stochastic cosmic ray sources and the TeV break in the all-electron spectrum
P. Mertsch

TTK-18-37: (inspire)
Handling the Uncertainties in the Galactic Dark Matter Distribution for Particle Dark Matter Searches
M. Benito, A. Cuoco, F. Iocco

TTK-18-38: (inspire)
Freeze-in production of decaying dark matter in five steps
S. Heeba, F. Kahlhoefer, P. Stoecker

TTK-18-39: (inspire)
SuperWIMP meets Freeze-in
M. Garny, J. Heisig

TTK-18-40: (inspire)
Axion global fits with Peccei-Quinn symmetry breaking before inflation using GAMBIT
S. Hoof, F. Kahlhoefer, P. Scott, C. Weniger, M. White

TTK-18-41: (inspire)
Theory status of hadronic top-quark pair production
C. Schwinn

TTK-18-42: (inspire)
FlexibleSUSY: Precise automated calculations in any BSM theory
P. Athron, M. Bach, D. Harries, W. Kotlarski, T. Kwasnitza, J.-H. Park, T. Steudtner, D. Stöckinger, A. Voigt, J. Ziebell

TTK-18-43: (inspire)
DeepXS: Fast approximation of MSSM electroweak cross sections at NLO
S. Otten, K. Rolbiecki, S. Caron, J.-S. Kim, R. Ruiz de Austri, J. Tattersall

TTK-18-44: (inspire)
LHC Dark Matter Working Group: Next-generation spin-0 dark matter models
T. Abe, et al. (from TTK: F. Kahlhoefer)

TTK-18-45: (inspire)
Model-independent bounds on light pseudoscalars from rare B-meson decays
B. Döbrich, F. Ertas, F. Kahlhoefer, T. Spadaro

TTK-18-46: (inspire)
A Relativistic Interpretation of Bias in Newtonian Simulations
C. Fidler, N. Sujata, C. Rampf

TTK-18-47: (inspire)
Suitable Initial Conditions for Newtonian Simulations with Massive Neutrinos
C. Fidler, A. Kleinjohann

TTK-18-48: (inspire)
Relativistic bias in neutrino cosmologies
C. Fidler, N. Sujata, M. Archidiacono

TTK-18-49: (inspire)
Les Houches 2017: Physics at TeV Colliders Standard Model Working Group Report
J.R. Andersen et al. (from TTK: R. Harlander und J. Klappert)