Here, we list the TTK preprints. These include peer-reviewed articles, submitted articles and proceedings contributions. TTK authors are underlined. The link to the inspire record of the publication gives fast access to abstract, full text, and journal references.


TTK-24-05: (inspire)
FeynGame-2.1 - Feynman diagrams made easy
R. Harlander, S.Y. Klein, M. Schaaf

TTK-24-04: (inspire)
ttbarjj at the LHC: a study on the additional jets
M. Lupattelli

TTK-24-03: (inspire)
Two-loop amplitudes for ttbar production: the quark-initiated Nf -part
B. Agarwal, G. Heinrich, S.P. Jones, M. Kerner, S.Y. Klein, J. Lang, V. Magerya, A. Olsson

TTK-24-02: (inspire)
Four top final states with NLO accuracy in perturbative QCD: 4 lepton channel
N. Dimitrakopoulos, M. Worek

to be publsihed soon

TTK-23-42: (inspire)
Les Houches guide to reusable ML models in LHC analyses
J.Y. Araz et al. (from TTK: H. Reyes Gonzalez)

TTK-23-41: (inspire)
JAX-COSMO: An End-to-End Differentiable and GPU Accelerated Cosmology Library
J.-E. Campagne et al. (from TTK: S. Casas)

TTK-23-40: (inspire)
Euclid: Constraints on f(R) cosmologies from the spectroscopic and photometric primary probes
Euclid Collaboration, S. Casas et al.

TTK-23-39: (inspire)
Progress in generating gauge ensembles with Stabilized Wilson Fermions
F. Cuteri, A. Francis, P. Fritzsch, G. Pederiva, A. Rago, A. Shindler, A. Walker-Loud, S. Zafeiropoulos

TTK-23-38: (inspire)
One-loop matching of the CP-odd three-gluon operator to the gradient flow
O.L. Crosas, C.J. Monahan, M.D. Rizik, A. Shindler, P. Stoffer

TTK-23-37: (inspire)
Fundamental Symmetries, Neutrons, and Neutrinos (FSNN): Whitepaper for the 2023 NSAC Long Range Plan
B. Acharya et al. (from TTK: A. Shindler)

TTK-23-36: (inspire)
Review of Hubble tension solutions with new SH0ES and SPT-3G data
A.R. Khalife, M.B. Zanjani, S. Galli, S. Günther, J. Lesgourgues, K. Benabed

TTK-23-35: (inspire)
Flavoured Majorana Dark Matter then and now: From freeze-out scenarios to LHC signatures
H. Acaroglu, M. Blanke, J. Heisig, M. Krämer, L. Rathmann

TTK-23-34: (inspire)
Top-Bottom Interference Contribution to Fully-Inclusive Higgs Production
M. Czakon, F. Eschment, M. Niggetiedt, R. Poncelet, T. Schellenberger

TTK-23-33: (inspire)
Semi-visible jets, energy-based models, and self-supervision
L. Favaro, M. Krämer, T. Modak, T. Plehn, J. Rüschkamp

TTK-23-32: (inspire)
CosmiXs: Cosmic messenger spectra for indirect dark matter searches
C. Arina, M. Di Mauro, N. Fornengo, J. Heisig, A. Jueid, R. Ruiz de Austri

TTK-23-31: (inspire)
Moments of parton distribution functions of any order from lattice QCD
A. Shindler

TTK-23-30: (inspire)
SusHi 2.0 -- Higgs production cross sections in BSM models
S.Y. Klein

TTK-23-29: (inspire)
AutoEFT: Constructing and exploring on-shell bases of effective field theories
M.C. Schaaf

TTK-23-28: (inspire)
Short-flow-time expansion of quark bilinears through next-to-next-to-leading order QCD
J. Borgulat, R.V. Harlander, J.T. Kohnen, F. Lange

TTK-23-27: (inspire)
Using Gradient Flow to Renormalise Matrix Elements for Meson Mixing and Lifetimes
M. Black, R. Harlander, F. Lange, A. Rago, A. Shindler, O. Witzel

TTK-23-26: (inspire)
Back to the Roots: Tree-Based Algorithms for Weakly Supervised Anomaly Detection
T. Finke, M. Hein, G. Kasieczka, M. Krämer, A. Mück, P. Prangchaikul, T. Quadfasel, D. Shih, M. Sommerhalder

TTK-23-25: (inspire)
AutoEFT: Automated Operator Construction for Effective Field Theories
R.V. Harlander, M.C. Schaaf

TTK-23-24: (inspire)
Gravitational Wave Science in the Mid-Band with Atom Interferometers
S. Baum, Z. Bogorad, P.W. Graham

TTK-23-23: (inspire)
ttjj - NLO QCD corrections to top quark pair production and decays at the LHC
D. Stremmer

TTK-23-22: (inspire)
The Q1,2-Q7 interference contribution to b → s\gamma at O(alpha_s^2) for the physical value of mc
M. Czaja, M. Czakon, T. Huber, M. Misiak, M. Niggetiedt, A. Rehman, K. Schönewald, M. Steinhauser

TTK-23-21: (inspire)
Excited bound states and their role in dark matter production
T. Binder, M. Garny, J. Heisig, S. Lederer, K. Urban

TTK-23-20: (inspire)
A theory of data variability in Neural Network Bayesian inference
J. Lindner, D. Dahmen, M. Krämer, M. Helias

TTK-23-19: (inspire)
A comprehensive exploration of t-channel simplified models of dark matter
C. Arina, B. Fuks, J. Heisig, M. Krämer, L. Mantani, L. Panizzi

TTK-23-18: (inspire)
Dirac leptogenesis via scatterings
J. Heeck, J. Heisig, A. Thapa

TTK-23-17: (inspire)
Subleading Effects in Soft-Gluon Emission at One-Loop in Massless QCD
M. Czakon, F. Eschment, T. Schellenberger

TTK-23-16: (inspire)
Uncertainty-aware and Data-efficient Cosmological Emulation using Gaussian Processes and PCA
S. Günther

TTK-23-15: (inspire)
A cosmic-ray database update: CRDB v4.1
D. Maurin, M. Ahlers, H. Dembinski, A. Haungs, P.-S. Mangeard, F. Melot, P. Mertsch, D. Wochele, J. Wochele

TTK-23-14: (inspire)
Higgs rapidity in bottom annihilation at NNLL and beyond
G. Das

Unstable cosmic-ray nuclei constrain low-diffusion zones in the Galactic disk.
H. Jacobs, P. Mertsch, V. H. M. Phan

Associated production of a top-quark pair with two photons at the LHC through NLO in QCD
D. Stremmer, M. Worek

TTK-23-11: (inspire)
NLO QCD predictions for off-shell ttW production in association with a light jet at the LHC
H.-Y. Bi, M. Kraus, M. Reinartz, M. Worek

TTK-23-10: (inspire)
CLASS_GW: Cosmological Gravitational Wave Background in the Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System
F. Schulze, L. Valbusa Dall'Armi, J. Lesgourgues, A. Ricciardone, N. Bartolo, D. Bertacca, C. Fidler, S. Matarrese

TTK-23-09: (inspire)
Isolated photon production in association with a jet pair through next-to-next-to-leading order in QCD
S. Badger, M. Czakon, H. Bayu Hartanto, R. Moodie, T. Peraro, R. Poncelet, S. Zoia

TTK-23-08: (inspire)
HighTEA: High energy Theory Event Analyser
M. Czakon, Z. Kassabov, A. Mitov, R. Poncelet, A. Popescu

TTK-23-07: (inspire)
A novel prediction for secondary positrons and electrons in the Galaxy
M. Di Mauro, F. Donato, M. Korsmeier, S. Manconi, L. Orusa

TTK-23-06: (inspire)
Searching for dark matter subhalos in the Fermi-LAT catalog with Bayesian neural networks
K. Nippel, S. Manconi, M. Krämer, A. Butter

TTK-23-05: (inspire)
Z,W+- rapidity distributions at NNLL and beyond
G. Das

TTK-23-04: (inspire)
Euclid: Validation of the MontePython forecasting tools
Eucild Collaboration (from TTK: S. Casas, M. Doerenkamp, J. Lesgourgues, N. Schöneberg, L. Rathmann, Sabarish V. M.)

TTK-23-03: (inspire)
Learning the language of QCD jets with transformers
T. Finke, M. Krämer, A. Mück, J. Tönshoff

TTK-23-02: (inspire)
Fast and accurate AMS-02 antiproton likelihoods for global dark matter fit
S. Balan, F. Kahlhoefer, M. Korsmeier, S. Manconia, K. Nippel

TTK-23-01: (inspire)
PEANUT: a software for the automatic computation of solar neutrino flux and its propagation within Earth
T.E. Gonzalo, M. Lucente