Here, we list the TTK preprints. These include peer-reviewed articles, submitted articles and proceedings contributions. TTK authors are underlined. The link to the inspire record of the publication gives fast access to abstract, full text, and journal references.


TTK-20-43: (inspire)
NLO QCD corrections to off-shell ttW production at the LHC: Correlations and Asymmetries
G. Bevilacqua, H.-Y. Bi, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus, J. Nasufi, M. Worek

TTK-20-42: (inspire)
ZH production in gluon fusion: two-loop amplitudes with full top quark mass dependence
L. Chen, G. Heinrich, S.P. Jones, M. Kerner, J. Klappert, J. Schlenk

TTK-20-41: (inspire)
Collider constraints on dark mediators
H. Mies, C. Scherb, P. Schwaller

TTK-20-40: (inspire)
On the challenges of searching for GeV-scale long-lived particles at the LHC
E. Bernreuther, J. Carrasco Mejia, F. Kahlhoefer, M. Krämer, P. Tunney

TTK-20-39: (inspire)
The Semi-Classical Regime for Dark Matter Self-Interactions
B. Colquhoun, S. Heeba, F. Kahlhoefer, L. Sagunski, S. Tulin

TTK-20-38: (inspire)
Resonant Sub-GeV Dirac Dark Matter
E. Bernreuther, S. Heeba, F. Kahlhoefer

TTK-20-37: (inspire)
On the interpretation of latest AMS-02 cosmic ray electron spectrum
M. Di Mauro, F. Donato, S. Manconi

to be published soon

TTK-20-35: (inspire)
Closing in on t-channel simplified dark matter models
C. Arina, B. Fuks, L. Mantani, H. Mies, L. Panizzi, J. Salko

TTK-20-34: (inspire)
NNLO QCD predictions for W+c-jet production at the LHC
M. Czakon, A. Mitov, M. Pellen, R. Poncelet

TTK-20-33: (inspire)
Constraining the inflationary potential with spectral distortions
N. Schöneberg, M. Lucca, D.C. Hooper

TTK-20-32: (inspire)
Cosmological constraints on multi-interacting dark matter
N. Becker, D.C. Hooper, F. Kahlhoefer, J. Lesgourgues, N. Schöneberg

TTK-20-31: (inspire)
Simultaneous extraction of alpha_s and mt from LHC ttbar differential distributions
A.M. Cooper-Sarkar, M. Czakon, M. A. Lim, A. Mitov, A.S. Papanastasiou

TTK-20-30: (inspire)
Exact quark-mass dependence of the Higgs-photon form factor at three loops in QCD
M. Niggetiedt

TTK-20-29: (inspire)
Improved reconstruction of a stochastic gravitationalwave background with LISA
R. Flauger, N. Karnesis, G. Nardini, M. Pieroni, A. Ricciardone, J. Torrado

TTK-20-28: (inspire)
Strengthening the bound on the mass of the lightest neutrino with terrestrial and cosmological experiments
The GAMBIT Cosmology Workgroup (from TTK: P. Stoecker, F. Kahlhoefer)

TTK-20-27: (inspire)
CosmoBit: A GAMBIT module for computing cosmological observables and likelihoods
The GAMBIT Cosmology Workgroup (from TTK: P. Stoecker, F. Kahlhoefer)

TTK-20-26: (inspire)
Cannibalism hinders growth: Cannibal Dark Matter and the S_8 tension
S. Heimersheim, N. Schöneberg, D.C. Hooper, J. Lesgourgues

TTK-20-25: (inspire)
NNLO QCD corrections to leptonic observables in top-quark pair production and decay
M. Czakon, A. Mitov, R. Poncelet

TTK-20-24: (inspire)
Integral Reduction with Kira 2.0 and Finite Field Methods
J. Klappert, F. Lange, P. Maierhöfer, J. Usovitsch

TTK-20-23: (inspire)
Towards Higgs masses and decay widths satisfying the symmetries in the (N)MSSM
F. Domingo, S. Paßehr

TTK-20-22: (inspire)
Two-loop mixed QCD-EW corrections to gg -> Hg
M. Bonetti, E. Panzer, V. Smirnov, L. Tancredi

TTK-20-21: (inspire)
Global fits of ALPs to XENON1T and astrophysical data
P. Athron, et al (from TTK: F. Kahlhoefer)

TTK-20-20: (inspire)
Hadronic vacuum polarization using gradient flow
R.V. Harlander, F. Lange, T. Neumann

TTK-20-19: (inspire)
Hidden Photon Dark Matter in the Light of XENON1T and Stellar Cooling
G. Alonso-Alvarez, F. Ertas, J. Jaeckel, F. Kahlhoefer, L.J. Thormaehlen

TTK-20-18: (inspire)
Unlocking the synergy between CMB spectral distortions and anisotropies
H. Fu, M. Lucca, S. Galli, E. S. Battistelli, D. C. Hooper, J. Lesgourgues, N. Schöneberg

TTK-20-17: (inspire)
Casting a graph net to catch dark showers
E. Bernreuther, T. Finke, F. Kahlhoefer, M. Krämer, A. Mück

TTK-20-16: (inspire)
Velocity-dependent Self-interacting Dark Matter: Improved Constraints from Groups and Clusters of Galaxies
B. Colquhoun, S. Gad-Nasr, A. Robertson, L. Sagunski, S. Tulin

TTK-20-15: (inspire)
Cobaya: Code for Bayesian Analysis of hierarchichal physical models
J. Torrado, A. Lewis

TTK-20-14: (inspire)
Dark matter or correlated errors? Systematics of the AMS-02 antiproton excess
J. Heisig, M. Korsmeier, M. Wolfgang Winkler

TTK-20-13: : (inspire)
The simplest of them all: ttW+- at NLO accuracy in QCD
G. Bevilacqua, H.-Y. Bi, H. B. Hartanto, M. Kraus, M. Worek

TTK-20-12: (inspire)
Optimal Boltzmann hierarchies with non-vanishing spatial curvature
C. Pitrou, T. S. Pereira, J. Lesgourgues

TTK-20-11: : (inspire)
H0 tension or T0 tension?
M. M. Ivanov, Y. Ali-Haïmoud, J. Lesgourgues

TTK-20-10: (inspire)
Polarized qqbar -> ZH amplitudes at two loops in QCD: the interplay between vector and axial vector form factors and a pitfall in applying a non-anticommuting \gamma_5
Taushif Ahmed, W. Bernreuther, L. Chen, M. Czakon

TTK-20-09: (inspire)
Shedding light on the angular momentum evolution of binary neutron star merger remnants: a semi analytic model
M. Lucca, L. Sagunski, C.M. Fromm, F. Guercilena

TTK-20-08: (inspire)
On the interplay between astrophysical and laboratory probes of MeV-scale axion-like particles
F. Ertas, F. Kahlhoefer

TTK-20-07: (inspire)
Interpolation of Dense and Sparse Rational Functions and other Improvements in FireFly
J. Klappert, S. Y. Klein, F. Lange

TTK-20-06: (inspire)
Fast simulations of cosmic large-scale structure with massive neutrinos
C. Fidler, C. Partmann, C. Rampf, O. Hahn

TTK-20-05: (inspire)
What will it take to measure individual neutrino mass states using cosmology?
M. Archidiacono, S. Hannestad, J. Lesgourgues

TTK-20-04: (inspire)
R.V. Harlander, S.Y. Klein, M. Lipp

TTK-20-03: (inspire)
Contribution of pulsars to cosmic-ray positrons in light of recent observation of inverse-Compton halos
S. Manconi, M. Di Mauro, F. Donato

TTK-20-02: (inspire)
On dark atoms, massive dark photons and millicharged sub-components
F. Kahlhoefer, E. Urdshals

TTK-20-01: (inspire)
Exact quark-mass dependence of the Higgs-gluon form factor at three loops in QCD
M. Czakon, M. Niggetiedt