Here, we list the TTK preprints. These include peer-reviewed articles, submitted articles and proceedings contributions. TTK authors are underlined. The link to the inspire record of the publication gives fast access to abstract, full text, and journal references.


TTK-22-49: (inspire)
NNLO QCD corrections to event shapes at the LHC
M. Alvarez,J. Cantero, M. Czakon, J. Llorente, A. Mitov, R. Poncelet

TTK-22-48: (inspire)
Top and bottom quark forward-backward asymmetries at next-to-next-to-leading order QCD in (un)polarized electron positron collisions
W. Bernreuther, L. Chen, Peng-Cheng Lu, Zong-Guo Si

to be published soon

TTK-22-46: (inspire)
Two-loop matching of the chromo-magnetic dipole operator with the gradient flow
J. Borgulat, R. Harlander, M.D. Rizik, A. Shindler

TTK-22-45: (inspire)
ttbb predictions at NLO in QCD and b-jet modelling
M. Lupattelli

TTK-22-44: (inspire)
A study of additional jet activity in top quark pair production at the LHC
G. Bevilacqua, M. Lupattelli, D. Stremmer, M. Worek

TTK-22-43: (inspire)
ttZ in the 4l channel at NLO in QCD
J. Nasufi

TTK-22-42: (inspire)
NLO QCD corrections and off-shell effects for ttH production in the Higgs characterisation model
J. Hermann

TTK-22-41: (inspire)
A detailed investigation of W+c-jet at the LHC
M. Czakon, A. Mitov, M. Pellen, R. Poncelet

TTK-22-40: (inspire)
Diffuse Emission of Galactic High-Energy Neutrinos from a Global Fit of Cosmic Rays
G. Schwefer, P. Mertsch, C. Wiebusch

TTK-22-39: (inspire)
Cosmic ray electron and positron spectra at TeV energies
P. Mertsch

TTK-22-38: (inspire)
Top-pair events with B-hadrons at the LHC
T. Generet

TTK-22-37: (inspire)
Revisiting the double-soft asymptotics of one-loop amplitudes in massless QCD
M. Czakon, F. Eschment, T. Schellenberger

TTK-22-36: (inspire)
Field line subdiffusion and cosmic ray perpendicular transport in isotropic turbulence
M. Kuhlen, P. Mertsch, V.H. Minh Phan

TTK-22-35: (inspire)
Diffusion of relativistic charged particles and field lines in isotropic turbulence
M. Kuhlen, P. Mertsch, V.H. Minh Phan

TTK-22-34: (inspire)
Threshold enhanced cross-sections for colorless productions
G. Das,  C. Dey,  M. C. Kumar, K. Samanta

TTK-22-33: (inspire)
Modelling uncertainties of ttbarW in multi-lepton channel
J. Nasufi

to be published soon

TTK-22-31: (inspire)
NNLO B-fragmentation fits and their application to ttbar production and decay at the LHC
M. Czakon, T. Generet, A. Mitov, R. Poncelet

TTK-22-30: (inspire)
Global fits of simplified models for dark matter with GAMBIT I. Scalar and fermionic models with s-channel vector mediators
C. Chang, et al. (from TTK: T.E. Gonzalo, F. Kahlhoefer)

TTK-22-29: (inspire)
Stochasticity of Cosmic Rays from Supernova Remnants and the Ionization Rates in Molecular Clouds
V.H. Minh Phan, S. Recchia, P. Mertsch, S. Gabici

TTK-22-28: (inspire)
A note on the quark and gluon energy-momentum tensors
T. Ahmed, L. Chen, M. Czakon

TTK-22-27: (inspire)
Production and decay of a (heavy) boson in association with top quarks
M. Worek

TTK-22-26: (inspire)
Next-to-leading order mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to Higgs production at the LHC
M. Bonetti

TTK-22-25: (inspire)
CosmicNet II: Emulating extended cosmologies with efficient and accurate neural networks
S. Günther, J. Lesgourgues, G. Samaras, N. Schöneberg, F. Stadtmann, C. Fidler, J. Torrado

TTK-22-24: (inspire)
Mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to Higgs plus jet production at the LHC
M. Bonetti

TTK-22-23: (inspire)
About the bosonic decays of heavy Higgs states in the (N)MSSM
F. Domingo, S. Paßehr

TTK-22-22: (inspire)
A Normalized Autoencoder for LHC Triggers
B.M. Dillon, L. Favaro, T. Plehn, P. Sorrenson, M. Krämer

TTK-22-21: (inspire)
One likelihood to bind them all: Lyman-α constraints on non-standard dark matter
D.C. Hooper, N. Schöneberg, R. Murgia, M. Archidiacono, J. Lesgourgues, M. Viel

TTK-22-20: (inspire)
Cosmological constraints on decaying axion-like particles: a global analysis
C. Balázs, S. Bloor, T.E. Gonzalo, W. Handley, S. Hoof, F. Kahlhoefer, M. Lecroq, D.J.E. Marsh, J.J. Renk, P. Scott, P. Stöcker

TTK-22-19: (inspire)
CP structure of the top-quark Yukawa interaction: NLO QCD corrections and off-shell effects
J. Hermann, D. Stremmer, M. Worek

TTK-22-18: (inspire)
Cosmological simulations with rare and frequent dark matter self-interactions
M.S. Fischer, M. Brüggen, K. Schmidt-Hoberg, K. Dolag, F. Kahlhoefer, A. Ragagnin, A. Robertson

TTK-22-17: (inspire)
Infrared-safe flavoured anti-kT jets
M. Czakon, A. Mitov, R. Poncelet

TTK-22-16: (inspire)
Boosting mono-jet searches with model-agnostic machine learning
T. Finke, M. Krämer, M. Lipp, A. Mück

TTK-22-15: (inspire)
Complete collection of one-loop triple-collinear splitting amplitudes for dimensionally-regulated QCD
M. Czakon, S. Sapeta

TTK-22-14: (inspire)
Dark Matter constraints from Planck observations of the Galactic polarized synchrotron emission
S. Manconi, A. Cuoco, J. Lesgourgues

TTK-22-13: (inspire)
Searching for dark radiation at the LHC
E. Bernreuther, F. Kahlhoefer, M. Lucente, A. Morandini

TTK-22-12: (inspire)
Forecasting dark showers at Belle II
E. Bernreuther, K. Böse, T. Ferber, C. Hearty, F. Kahlhoefer, A. Morandini, K. Schmidt-Hoberg

TTK-22-11: (inspire)
NLO mixed QCD-EW corrections to qg -> Hq, qbarg -> Hqbar, qqbar -> Hg
M. Bonetti, E. Panzer, L. Tancredi

TTK-22-10: (inspire)
Improvements in Higgs-mass predictions with FeynHiggs
S. Paßehr

TTK-22-09: (inspire)
What's Anomalous in LHC Jets?
T. Buss, B.M. Dillon, T. Finke, M. Krämer, A. Morandini, A. Mück, I. Oleksiuk, T. Plehn

TTK-22-08: (inspire)
Full off-shell predictions and b-jet definitions for ttbar bbbar at NLO in QCD
M. Lupattelli

TTK-22-07: (inspire)
Bayesian inference of three-dimensional gas maps -- II. Galactic HI
P. Mertsch, V.H.Minh Phan

TTK-22-06: (inspire)
t tbar b bbar at the LHC: On the size of off-shell effects and prompt b-jet identification
G. Bevilacqua, H.-Y. Bi, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus, M. Lupattelli, M. Worek

TTK-22-05: (inspire)
ttW at NLO in QCD : Full off-shell effects and precision observables
J. Nasufi

TTK-22-04: (inspire)
ALPINIST: Axion-Like Particles In Numerous Interactions Simulated and Tabulated
J. Jerhot, B. Döbrich, F. Ertas, F. Kahlhoefer, T. Spadaro

TTK-22-03: (inspire)
On the exclusion limits in ttbar+DM searches at the LHC

TTK-22-02: (inspire)
NLO QCD corrections to full off-shell production of ttZ including leptonic decays
G. Bevilacqua, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus, J. Nasufi, M. Worek

TTK-22-01: (inspire)
The MSbar renormalization constant of the singlet axial current operator at O(αs) in QCD
L. Chen, M. Czakon