Bachelorarbeiten bei Priv.-Doz. Schwinn in 2018


Top-quark production at the LHC: determining the top quark mass using
cross-section measurements

The top-quark is the heaviest known elementary particle and its mass is an important input parameter of the Standard Model. One way to measure the top-quark mass is by comparing measurements of the top-quark production cross section to theoretical calculations, where the top mass enters as a parameter.

The theoretical prediction of top-quark production at the LHC involves the convolution of the partonic cross section for top quark production from quark or gluon initial states with the parton distribution functions to find a quark or gluon in the colliding protons. In the thesis the student will implement this convolution using recent results for the partonic cross sections and PDFs and use the results to determine the top-quark mass from a comparison to experimental measurements of the cross section at the LHC. model by comparing with observations.

Basic knowledge in Particle Physics and programming (for example C++, Python or Fortran; Mathematica may be useful as well)