Bachelorarbeiten bei PD Dr. Worek in 2020


Lorentz Invariant Phase-Space Integrals & Deep Learning

The goal of this bachelor thesis:

  • Generate Monte Carlo points in some phase space of final-state momenta
  • Calculate d = 3n - 4 phase-space integral via Monte Carlo (MC) methods
  • Apply results to the real-life calculation (QED)

The student will learn:

  • How to efficiently calculate dLips of momenta of the final state particles
  • Basics of Monte Carlo methods
  • How to reduce a variance of the integrand with e.g. stratified sampling technique, importance sampling techniques, etc.
  • How to use deep learning methods to optimise the numerical integration
  • How to use public MC programs like RAMBO, MADGRAPH, etc.


  • Basic understanding of particle physics is required. Can be obtained during the work on the thesis
  • Programming skills are required e.g. in Fortran, C/C++