Bachelorarbeiten bei PD Dr. Schwinn in 2020


Classical Chromodynamics

The strong interaction of quarks is described by Quantum Chromodynamics, an extension of the Maxwell theory of electrodynamics. This theory is invariant under SU(3) transformations, i.e. rotations in the three-dimensional complex vector space describing the "colour" quantum number carried by Quarks.

As a simpler example of an SU(3) invariant theory, one can consider the model of a classical, relativistic point particle carrying a colour degree of freedom, which was constructed by Wong in 1970.

The goal of the thesis is to investigate the interaction among classical coloured point particles in this model and to determine relativistic corrections to the analog of the Coulomb potential. The student will deepen their knowledge of the Lorentz-covariant formulation of electrodynamics and methods from classical field theory and get familiar with notions from group theory that play an important role in elementary particle physics.