Bachelor Thesis

  SM Lagrangian © Alexander Mueck

You like theoretical physics and you want to get into touch with elementary particle physics or cosmology in your bachelor thesis? If you want to write your bachelor thesis at the TTK during the summer term, you will get all necessary information during the Tag der Physik in January, this year on Friday January 27, 2023. Prof. Krämer and Prof. Lesgourgues will introduce the research topics at TTK in Hörsaal Physik at 9.30am. More details about possible bachelor thesis projects are presented in 26C 401 at 2pm. Also the details on how to apply for a bachelor thesis at the institute are given. However, you can also  contact us via email. (More information can be also found via the Moodle room of the Tag der Physik.)

The projects for summer term 2023 are listed below: