Master Thesis

  Higgs decay Copyright: CERN

Do you want to start your Master thesis in fall 2020? We will introduce the master thesis topics for winter term 2020 in a Zoom meeting on September 4 at 10am. The contact details for the Zoom meeting will be announced in the relevant lectures and via email. If you do not receive a notification until September 3, please contact one of the lecturers.

Master thesis in Particle Physics

If you are interested in a Master thesis in theoretical particle physics,
you should have successfully participated in the lecture courses Theory of
Relativity and Cosmology and Quantum Field Theory 1 and 2 including the
problem classes. Participation in the lecture course Relativistic Quantum
Theory (at the bachelor level) is highly recommended.


Topics for a master thesis starting in fall 2019

  1. Prof. Dr. Michal Czakon Prof. Czakon
  2. Perturbative effects in quark fragmentation
  3. Subleading soft/collinear behavior of massive QCD amplitudes and cross sections
  4. Prof. Dr. Robert Harlander Prof. Harlander
  5. Impact of the Higgs mass on direct searches for New Physics
  6. The Higgs alignment limit in extended Higgs sectors
  7. Higgs cross sections in SMEFT
  8. Extreme kinematics in Higgs physics
  9. The energy-momentum tensor in scalar QCD
  10. Locally smeared Operator Product Expansions
  11. Jun.-Prof. Dr. Felix Kahlhoefer Prof. Kahlhoefer

  12. Machine learning for global fits of dark matter models

  13. Dark matter density spikes around primordial black holes

  14. Gravitational waves from dark sector phase transitions

  15. Prof. Dr. Michael Krämer Prof. Krämer

  16. Dark sectors at the LHC

  17. Dark matter in cosmic rays

  18. Machine learning: new physics at the LHC

  19. Machine learning: cosmic ray propagation

  20. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Malgorzata Worek Priv.-Doz. Worek

  21. Top quark backgrounds in production of dark matter in association with tt pairs

  22. Strong Coupling Constant from σttjtt cross section ratios


Topics for a master thesis starting in fall 2019

  1. Prof. Dr. Julien Lesgourgues Prof. Lesgourgues
  2. Cosmological tests of exotic physics in the neutrino sector
  3. Cosmological tests of Dark Matter interactions
  4. Cosmological N-body simulations with massive Neutrinos
  5. Developing a likelihood to interpret the Euclid satellite data
  6. Neural Networks in Boltzmann codes
  7. Interpolating cosmological observables
  8. Polarized synchrotron emission from DM annihilation/decay
  9. Here you can find details on the topics
  10. Jun.-Prof. Dr. Philipp Mertsch Prof. Mertsch
  11. Gamma-ray halos around pulsar wind nebulae
  12. Dark matter searches in cosmic ray antiprotons
  13. New statistical methods for Galactic diffuse emission
  14. Here you can find details on the topics