Master Thesis

  Higgs decay Copyright: © CERN

The new Master thesis topics in theoretical particle physics and cosmology for 2023-2024 will be presented jointly by all TTK professors - Profs. Czakon, Harlander, Krämer, Lesgourgues, Mertsch, Worek. The presentation will take place on Thursday 6th of July 2023 between 15:15 and 16:15 in room 26C 402.

After the meeting, you will have a few days for thinking about the topics, contacting us for more information, and applying to your favorite topics (with an order of preference). Then we will make offers. We will explain the whole process on the 6th of July.


These are the topics offered at TTK for winter term 2023/24:

Prof. Michal Czakon: slides

  • Double-soft limit of massive one-loop QCD amplitudes
  • Power corrections for top-quark pair transverse momentum distribution

Prof. Robert Harlander: more information

  • Gradient flow beyond QCD
  • Effective field theories and group theory
  • Higgs production at the LHC

Prof. Michael Krämer: more information

  • Finding new physics with machine learning
  • Studying dark-matter genesis beyond the WIMP paradigm (jointly supervised with Dr. Jan Heisig)
  • Searching for dark matter beyond the WIMP paradigm (jointly supervised with Dr. Jan Heisig)

Prof. Julien Lesgourgues: more information

  • Preparing the analysis of forthcoming Euclid satellite data
  • Modelling large scale structure observables with an Effective Field Theory
  • Differentiable parameter inference in cosmology
  • Simulation of non-linear dynamics in the early universe leading to Primordial Black Holes and/or Gravitational Waves
  • Implications of super-massive black holes on cosmological expansion and perturbations in the GREA theory
  • Semi-analytical modelling of thermal history in the Dark Ages
  • Efficient incorporation of relativistic effects in Newtonian N -body simulations

Prof. Philipp Mertsch: more information slides

  • Constraining cosmic ray sources with information field theory (jointly supervised with Prof. Krämer)
  • Component separation of the stochastic gravitational wave background (jointly supervised with Prof. Lesgourgues)
  • Simulating gamma-rays from a large-scale galactic outflow
  • Cosmic ray sources and high-energy gamma-ray and neutrino emission

Prof. Malgorzata Worek: slides

  • Probing quantum interference effects at the LHC
  • Probing the CP structure of the top quark Yukawa coupling at the LHC
  • Light and flavoured jets at the LHC