Archive of the Seminar since summer 2008


Seminars WS 14/15 until today

Date Speaker Title
01/02/2024Davide Racco (Rome U.)TBA
18/01/2024Subodh Patil (Leiden U.)TBA
11/01/2024Renato Fonseca (Granada U.)TBA
14/12/2023Guillem Domènech (Hannover U.)TBA
07/12/2023James Alvey (U. Amsterdam)TBA
30/11/2023Santiago Casas (RWTH)What will Large Scale Structure tell us about Dark Energy in the next decade?
23/11/2023Thibault Vieu (MPI Heidelberg)Clustered supernovae: the hidden cosmic accelerators
16/11/2023Felix Wilsch (RWTH Aachen)Functional one-loop matching of effective field theories
09/11/2023Peter Matak (Comenius University Bratislava)Diagrammar for the Early Universe: Asymmetries and Thermal Corrections
02/11/2023Sebastian Baum (RWTH)Paleo-Detectors & Co: Mineral Detectors for Neutrinos and Dark Matter
26/10/2023Samuel J. Witte (Universitat de Barcelona)Sourcing axions from pulsar magnetospheres
13/07/2023Marika Asgari (Hull U.)Seing the dark Universe with observational cosmology
06/07/2023Gabriele Franciolini (U. of La Sapienza, Rome)Primordial Black Holes from Inflation: recent challenges and opportunities in the GW era
15/06/2023Pierre Cristofari (LUTH Paris)Particle acceleration at non-relativistic collisionless shock waves: the case of starbust galaxies
11/05/2023Lara Nava (INAF Brera)Very-high energy emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts: a tool to probe axion-like particles
04/05/2023Lorenzo Valbusa Dall’Armi (U. Of Padova)Recent advances in Leptogenesis
20/04/2023Maximilian Berbig (Uni Bonn)Recent advances in Leptogenesis
02/02/2023Thea Aarrestad (ETH Zürich)Ultrafast Machine Learning Inference at the Large Hadron Collider
26/01/2023Daniel Figueroa (University of Valencia)The Numerical early Universe
19/01/2023Claudius Krause (Uni Heidelberg)Searching the Unknown: Anomaly Detection at the LHC and with Gaia
15/12/2022Diego Blas (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)Over the rainbow… of gravitational waves
24/11/2022Giada Peron (MPI für Kernphysik Heidelberg)Probing Cosmic ray density with giant molecular clouds
17/11/2022Enrico Peretti (NBI Copenhagen)Particle acceleration and multimessenger radiation from wind bubbles
27/10/2022Azadeh Moradinezhad (University of Geneva)Fundamental Physics with galaxy clustering beyond the power spectrum
20/10/2022Saša Prelovšek (University of Ljubljana)Exotic and conventional hadrons from lattice QCD
13/10/2022Guilhem Lavaux (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris)Fundamental physics without cosmic variance: exploring the universe through the BORG framework and the Sibelius-Dark simulation
14/07/2022Vivian Poulin (U. Of Montpellier)Towards resolving the Hubble and sigma8 cosmic tensions
07/07/2022Sven Heinemeyer (UA Madrid)New Physics around the corner?!
30/06/2022Irene Tamborra (NBI Kopenhagen)Messengers from the Universe
02/06/2022Carmelo Evoli (GSSI, L'Aquila)Phenomenology and theory of galactic cosmic-ray propagation
19/05/2022Ramon Winterhalder (CP3, UC Louvain)Targeting Multi-Loop Integrals with Neural Networks
12/05/2022Federico Urban (FZU, Prague)Harmonic correlators for UHECRs
28/04/2022Ke Fang (U Wisconsin, Madison)Multi-messenger Astrophysics: Probing Compact Objects with Cosmic Particles
03/02/2022Maximilian Stahlhofen (U. Freiburg)Integrating out a heavy Higgs in the path integral formalism
27/01/2022Alexandre Marcowith (U Montpellier)Comsic Ray transport in magnetised turbulence
20/01/2022Javier Mazzitelli (MPI Munich)Next-to-next-to-leading order event generation for top-quark pair production
13/01/2022Juan Garcia-Bellido (IFT-UAM/CSIC)Covariant formulation of non-equilibrium thermodynamics in General Relativity: Cosmic Acceleration from First Principles
16/12/2021Philip Bechtle (Universität Bonn)Making Useful Use of Particle Physics Experience in Epidemiology
09/12/2021Lavinia Heisenberg (ETH Zürich)Gravitational frontiers and the road ahead
02/12/2021Tom Melia (Tokyo U, IPMU) (at 9am!)Partition functions for Effective Field Theories
25/11/2021Oleg Lebedev (U Helsinki)Neglected effects in dark matter studies:  relativistic corrections and collective phenomena
18/11/2021Valentin V. Khoze (Durham U.)Searching for QCD Instantons at Hadron Colliders
12/11/2021Maria Schuld (Xanadu and University of KwaZulu-Natal)Prospects of machine learning with quantum computers
11/11/2021Cora Uhlemann (Newcastle U)The sky from psi - Semiclassical paths to the cosmic web
04/11/2021Sebastian Hoof (Göttingen)Definitions and Probes of the Axion Model Landscape
28/10/2021Andrea Caputo (Weizmann)Dark Photon, CMB and radio data in our inhomogeneous universe
21/10/2021Andrea Shindler (Michigan)Unravelling matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe
14/10/2021Rebecca Diesing (U Chicago)A Revised Theory of Cosmic Ray Acceleration: Solving the Problem of Steep Spectra
15/07/2021Claude Duhr (CERN)Inclusive colour-singlet production at N3LO
08/07/2021Suvodip Mukherjee (Amsterdam)Panorama of the Universe with multi-messenger observations
01/07/2021Yu-Dai Tsai (Fermilab and University of Chicago)Resonant Self-Interacting Dark Mesons and New Millicharge Searches
24/06/2021Ben Safdi (University of Michigan)Compact stars as axion laboratories
17/06/2021Andrzej Czarnecki (Alberta University)Muon's anomalous magnetic moment g-2
10/06/2021Simeon Bird (U of California, Riverside)Simulations of Cosmological Structure and Machine Learning
20/05/2021Christopher Monahan (William&Mary)Probing hadron structure on the lattice
06/05/2021Michael Kachelriess (Trondheim)Antinuclei as probe for exotic physics
29/04/2021Manfred Kraus (Florida State University)Precision phenomenology for the ttW process
22/04/2021Ellen Zweibel (Madison)Multiscale Challenges in Cosmic Ray Astrophysics
15/04/2021Maurizio Pierini (CERN)Exploiting anomaly detection for new physics identification at the LHC
11/02/2021Andrea Thamm (Melbourne)Flavor Probes of MeV-GeV ALPs
04/02/2021Hiroshi Suzuki (Kyushu University)Universal formula for the energy-momentum tensor via the gradient flow
28/01/2021Tomer Volanski (Tel Aviv)Why Chase Ambulances?
21/01/2021Asher Berlin (NYU)The Hunt for Sub-GeV Dark Matter
14/01/2021Maria Petropolou (Athens University)Reconnection models of blazars
07/01/2021Veronica Sanz (Valencia University)Some examples on the use of Machine Learning techniques for LHC searches
17/12/2020Tracy Slatyer (MIT)Deciphering the Universe's Dark History
10/12/2020Marco Bonvini (INFN, Rome)Probabilistic definition of the perturbative theoretical uncertainty from missing higher orders
03/12/2020Mauro Pieroni (Imperial College London)Stochastic Gravitational Wave Backgrounds (SGWB) characterization with LISA
26/11/2020Mathieu Pellen (Universität Freiburg)Full NLO QCD corrections to off-shell ttbb production
19/11/2020Ilias Cholis (Oakland University)Scrutinizing Gamma-Ray Observations from Milky Way's Center in Search of Dark Matter Signals
12/11/2020Valentin Hirschi (ETH Zürich)Local unitarity: a new paradigm for perturbative computations in QFT
05/11/2020Karsten Jedamzik (Montpellier U.)On the Hubble tension and primordial magnetic fields
29/10/2020Coenraad Marinissen (NIKHEF and Utrecht University)Efficient Hilbert Series for Effective Theories
09/07/2020K. Petraki (LPTHE, Jussieu)Dark matter goes nuclear: overhauling thermal decoupling at the TeV scale with bound states
02/07/2020M. Zaro (Milano/Amsterdam)A fragmentation-based study of heavy quark production
18/06/2020T. Hambye (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)Dark matter from dark photons: a taxonomy of dark matter production
04/06/2020O. Hahn (Observatoire de Nice)Initial conditions for cosmological simulations: the next generation
14/05/2020C. Pitrou (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris)Global cosmological anisotropy as a long wavelength perturbation
07/05/2020L. Lellouch (CNRS & Aix-Marseille U.)New lattice QCD calculation of the hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to the muon magnetic moment
23/04/2020M. Diehl (DESY Hamburg)Double parton scattering
16/04/2020T. Linden (Stockholm)Thermal WIMPs on the Brink
30/01/2020C. Sturm (U. Würzburg)Static post-Newtonian corrections to the gravitational two-body potential
23/01/2020A. Font-Ribera (UC London)Studying the expansion of the Universe with quasar spectra
09/01/2020A. Fialkov (Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge)Unveiling cosmic dawn
19/12/2019R. Teyssier (Uni Zürich)Galaxy formation and cosmic magnetism
12/12/2019M. Wiesemann (CERN und MPI München)MiNNLOPS: A new method to match NNLO QCD to parton showers
05/12/2019D.J.E. Marsh (Uni Göttingen)Axions: the Lightest DM Candidate
28/11/2019C. Garcia-Cely (DESY Hamburg)Describing dark matter interactions by means of the effective-range theory
21/11/2019M. Bustamante (NBI, Copenhagen)Pushing Neutrino Physics to the Cosmic Frontier
14/11/2019L. Magnea (U. Torino)Threshold logarithms beyond leading power
31/10/2019M. Mühlleitner (KIT)The Higgs Boson - A Dissection Tool for New Physics
24/10/2019K. Ng (GRAPPA, Amsterdam)High-energy Gamma Rays and Neutrinos from the Sun
17/10/2019S. Paßehr (RWTH Aachen)Towards high-precision predictions for Higgs masses and decays in theories beyond the Standard Model
10/10/2019J. Thompson (Uni Heidelberg)(Machine) Learning to be Unsure
11/07/2019D. Malyshev (Erlangen)The hunt for primordial black holes
04/07/2019C. White (Queen Mary London)The classical double copy
27/06/2019A. Refregier (ETH Zürich)Cosmological Weak Lensing
06/06/2019M. Grazzini (U. Zürich)Heavy-quark production in NNLO QCD
23/05/2019E. Sellentin (U. Genf)A particle physicist's view of Cosmology
16/05/2019J.-N. Lang (U. Zürich)Automation of Beyond Standard Model electroweak corrections
09/05/2019J. Pradler (HEPHY Wien)The photon as new physics messenger
25/04/2019C. Byrnes (U. Sussex)Cosmology with primordial black holes
18/04/2019N. Bozorgnia (IPPP Durham)The dark matter distribution in the Solar neighbourhood
04/04/2019S. Recchia (Paris)Cosmic rays in the turbulent interstellar medium
31/01/2019E. Ishida (U. Clermont-Ferrand)Adaptive Learning for Astronomy
24/01/2019A. Lenz (Durham)Pinning down the flavour anomalies
17/01/2019P. Blasi (Gran Sasso Science Institute)Cosmic ray self regulation
10/01/2019J. Quevillon (LPSC, Grenoble)The Universal One-Loop Effective Action
13/12/2018F. Day (Cambridge)Axions and X-ray polarimetry
06/12/2018A. Penin (University of Alberta)High-Energy Limit of Mass-Suppressed Amplitudes in Gauge Theories
29/11/2018J. Adamek (Queen Mary, London)Relativistic effects in N-body simulations of cosmic large-scale  structure
22/11/2018G. Buchalla (LMU München)New Physics in the Higgs Sector - An Effective Theory Approach
15/11/2018T. Bringmann (Oslo)Would we notice if dark matter just disappeared?
08/11/2018S. Forte (Milano University)Parton Distributions: past, present, future
25/10/2018C. Pfrommer (AIP Potsdam)How cosmic rays shape galaxies and galaxy clusters
18/10/2018E. Vryonidou (CERN)Precision in EFT studies for top quark and Higgs physics
11/10/2018M. Millea (IAP, Paris)Next-generation CMB (de)-lensing
12/07/2018E. Komatsu (MPI für Astrophysik, München)Finding Cosmic Inflation
05/07/2018H. B. Hartanto (Durham)Two-loop five-point amplitudes in massless QCD via integrand reduction
28/06/2018S. Sint (Dublin)How strong are the strong interactions?
21/06/2018F. Herzog (NIKHEF)The R* method and five loop applications in QCD
14/06/2018D. Schwarz (Bielefeld)The cosmic dipole
07/06/2018M. Gerbino (Stockholm)Parity-violating scenarios in the early Universe in light of Cosmic Microwave Background data
24/05/2018M. Valli (INFN Rome)Hints for New Physics from b to s transitions
17/05/2018S. Ferrario (University of Milan-Bicoccao)Top-Mass Measurements at the LHC Using NLO+PS Generators of Increasing Accuracy
03/05/2018L. Darme (Warschau)Hunting light dark sectors in sub-GeV dark matter scenarios
26/04/2018H. Chawdhry (Cambridge)PMC renormalisation scale-setting in top pair production
19/04/2018T. Tenkanen (Queen Mary University of London)The Dawn of FIMP Dark Matter
12/04/2018J. Heeck (Université libre de Bruxelles)Rare processes and the fate of baryon and lepton numbers
01/02/2018M. Lüscher (CERN)The Yang-Mills gradient flow in QCD -- theory and applications
25/01/2018A. Boyarsky (Leiden university)Sterile neutrino Dark Matter : the current status
14/12/2017A. Hoang (Wien)On the Top Quark Mass
07/12/2017F. Iocco (Sao Paulo)The dark matter distribution in the Milky Way (its uncertainties and effects on determination of new physics)
30/11/2017M. Spannowski (Durham)The Higgsploding Universe
23/11/2017J. Lindert (Durham)Efficient algorithms for one-loop amplitudes - OpenLoops
16/11/2017R. Durrer (Genf)Testing General Relativity with the Large Scale Structure of the Universe
09/11/2017S. Ando (Amsterdam)Power of angular power: Implications for dark matter and cosmic neutrinos
02/11/2017J. Henn (Mainz)Regge limit from an anomalous dimension
26/10/2017E. Bellini (Oxford)Maximal freedom at minimum cost: efficient description of general scalar-tensor theories in cosmology
19/10/2017J. Brod (Dortmund)EDM constraints on flavor-diagonal CP violation
12/10/2017M. Winkler (Nordita)A Precision Search for WIMPs with Charged Cosmic Rays
20/07/2017J. Currie (Durham)NNLO QCD Predictions for Single Jet Inclusive Production  at the LHC
13/07/2017S. Pastor (Valencia)The effective number of neutrinos: standard and non-standard calculations
06/07/2017K. Schmidt-Hoberg (DESY)Revisiting fine-tuning in the MSSM
29/06/2017T. Tram (Aarhus)How cosmology tells us about neutrinos
22/06/2017S. Iso (KEK)Entanglement induced quantum radiation
01/06/2017C. Weniger (Amsterdam)Indirect searches for dark matter: Current excesses and developments
11/05/2017D. Baumann (GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam)Relics from the Early Universe
04/05/2017A. Mariotti (Brussels)The SUSY Twin Higgs
27/04/2017C. Duhr (CERN)Precise predictions for Higgs production via gluon-fusion
20/04/2017N. Saviano (Mainz)The secret life of neutrinos in the cosmos
02/02/2017F. Boudjema (LAPTh Annecy)MicrOMEGAs: a code for the calculation of dark matter observables
26/01/2017J. Zavala (Reykjavik)Towards an effective theory of structure formation with new dark matter physics
19/01/2017M. Schulze (HU Berlin)Probing the top quark electroweak couplings at the LHC
12/01/2017J. Plefka (HU Berlin)Scattering amplitudes and hidden symmetries in supersymmetric gauge theory
15/12/2016M. Scherer (Heidelberg)Higgs Mass, Top Mass and the Scale of New Physics
08/12/2016I. Oldengott (Bielefeld)The impact of interacting neutrinos on the CMB
01/12/2016E. Laenen (NIKHEF)Resummation in QCD: what, why and how?
24/11/2016A. Falkowski (Paris)Effective Field Theory approach to  SM precision tests
17/11/2016M. Bartelmann (Heidelberg)A new theory for cosmic structure formation
10/11/2016T. Weigand (Heidelberg)Challenges in String Phenomenology
03/11/2016M. Viel (Trieste)Properties of the Universe from Intergalactic Medium data
27/10/2016G. Mangano (Naples)Big Bang Nucleosynthesis: recent updates and impact on cosmology
20/10/2016P. Marquard (DESY Zeuthen)The top quark and its mass
14/07/2016J. Schaffner-Bielich (Frankfurt)Compact Stars: Neutron Stars or Quark Stars?
16/06/2016O. Philipsen (Frankfurt)Towards the QCD phase diagram for hot and dense QCD
09/06/2016F. Donato (Turin)Antimatter in the Galaxy: Open problems for fundamental physics
02/06/2016M. Worek (RWTH)Precision predictions for top quark pair production in association with a jet at the LHC
12/05/2016B. Garbrecht (TU München)Leptogenesis
28/04/2016C. Degrande (Durham)Automated BSM at NLO
21/04/2016C. Schwinn (RWTH)Precise predictions for squark and gluino production at the LHC
14/04/2016L. Lopez Honorez (Brüssel)Dark matter annihilations and 21cm signal
04/02/2016P. Scott (Imperial College London)GAMBIT: The Global and Modular Beyond-the-Standard Model Inference Tool
28/01/2016C. Ringeval (Louvain)Observing the inflationary reheating
21/01/2016F. Kahlhoefer (DESY)Towards discovering dark matter at the LHC
14/01/2016S. Clesse (RWTH)Massive Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter and the Seeds of Galaxies
10/12/2015J. Gaunt (Nikhef)N-jettiness Subtractions for QCD Calculations at NNLO
03/12/2015S. Kallweit (Mainz)Hadronic vector-boson pair production at NNLO QCD
19/11/2015C. Burrage (Nottingham)Detecting Dark Energy with Atom Interferometry
05/11/2015G. Zaharijas (Nova Gorica)The nature of GeV Galactic Center excess emission: options and their testability
29/10/2015F. Febres Cordero (Freiburg)Divector Boson Production in Association with Jets at the LHC
16/07/2015T. Dennen (NBI Kopenhagen)Ultraviolet Properties of Perturbative Supergravity
14/07/2015M. Worek (RWTH)Kilogram as a relic in physics: In search of a universal definition of the unit of mass
09/07/2015A. Cuoco (RWTH)Indirect Dark Matter searches searches with gamma rays and Fermi-LAT
02/07/2015R. Schabinger (Mainz)A Novel Approach To Integration By Parts Reduction
25/06/2015P. Serpico (LAPTH Annecy)Revisiting cosmological applications of electromagnetic cascade theory
18/06/2015M. Archidiacono (Aarhus)Neutrinos in cosmology and the case for sterile neutrinos
11/06/2015D. Stöckinger (Dresden)The muon g-2 and electroweak precision observables: New results in SUSY models
21/05/2015S. Plätzer (Durham)Improving Parton Showers
07/05/2015O. Rucharsky (EPFL Lausanne)Decaying dark matter in X-rays?
30/04/2015S. Sapeta (CERN)Calculating the dominant part of NNLO for high-pT observables
23/04/2015J. Harz (UC London)Precise Prediction of the Dark Matter Relic Density within the MSSM
16/04/2015A. Bharucha (TU München/Marseille)Looking for new physics via b to s transitions: exclusive channels and form factors
09/03/2015S. Westhoff (Pittsburgh)Leptophilic New Physics: Dark Matter and the Muon g-2
29/01/2015S. Badger (CERN)Multi-Loop Integrand Reduction Techniques
22/01/2015S. Kraml (Grenoble)Implications of the 125 GeV Higgs boson for new physics
15/01/2015N. Beisert (ETH Zürich)Smooth Wilson Loops in N=4 Superspace and Yangian Symmetry
11/12/2014M. Pellen (RWTH)Supersymmetry: from the algebra to NLO LHC phenomenology
04/12/2014D. Rathlev (Uni Zürich)Diboson production in NNLO QCD
27/11/2014T. Kasemets (NIKHEF Amsterdam)Transverse momentum dependent (un)polarized gluon distributions in Higgs production
20/11/2014C. Anastasiou (ETH Zürich) (starts at 4pm!)Higgs production at N3LO beyond the threshold approximation
13/11/2014B. Hartanto (RWTH)Hard-photon production with b jets at hadron colliders
06/11/2014E. Re (Oxford)Towards NNLO Event Generators for the LHC
30/10/2014D. Gonçalves Netto (Durham)Mass Effects in the Higgs-Gluon Coupling: Boosted vs Off-Shell Production
23/10/2014M. Garny (CERN)Dark matter with t-channel mediators

Summer 2014:

Date Speaker Title
20.03. K. Ellis (Fermilab) Bounding the Higgs width at the LHC
24.04. U. Haisch (U. Oxford) Loopy ideas about dark matter
08.05. V. Domcke (SISSA) Inflationary model building (after bicep2)
15.05. M. Blanke (CERN) Dark Minimal Flavour Violation and its Phenomenology
22.05. A. Manteuffel (U. Mainz) ZZ production at NNLO QCD
05.06. S. Pozzorini (U. Zuerich) Scattering Amplitudes and Top phenomenology with OpenLoops . . .
26.06. F. Saueressig (U. Nijmegen) Asymptotic Safety and Quantum Gravity
03.07. M. Bies (U. Heidelberg) The standard model from String theory
10.07. M. Drewes (TU Muenchen) Neutrinos and the search for the origin of matter
17.07. T. Becher (U. Bern) Improved Higgs Cross Sections from SCET

Winter 2013/14:

Date Speaker Title
24.10. R. Pittau (U. Granada) FDR: a four dimensional and finite approach to Quantum Field Theories
07.11. B. Jaeger (Uni Mainz) Matching weak boson scattering processes at NLO in QCD with parton shower programs
14.11. F. Jegerlehner (DESY Zeuthen) The Standard Model as a low energy effective theory: what is triggering the Higgs mechanism and inflation?
21.11. J. Heisig (RWTH) Gravitino LSP scenarios after the first LHC results
28.11. G. Chachamis (U. Valencia) From Regge theory to BFKL and the perturbative Pomeron: A pedagogical introduction and some recent developments (see below for the slides)
05.12. F. Riva (EPFL Lausanne) Higgs Physics Beyond the Standard Model: 8 closed doors and 8+3 open windows
12.12. S. Dittmaier (U. Freiburg) Towards mixed QCD x EW O(alpha_s alpha) corrections to Drell-Yan processes in the resonance region
19.12. P. K. S. Vaudrevange (DESY Hamburg) A string theory road to the (supersymmetric) Standard Model
09.01. W. Porod (U. Wuerzburg) Extended SUSY models in the light of m_h=126 GeV
16.01. K. Zapp (CERN) Perturbative framework for jet quenching
23.01. S. Berge (RWTH) Top-Quark Charge Asymmetry: New Observables for ttbar+jet production at the LHC

Summer 2013:

Date Speaker Title
18.04. T. Stefaniak (U. Bonn) Implications of the LHC Higgs Discovery for Models of New Physics
16.05. A. Penin (U. Alberta) Effective field theory of unstable top
06.06. A. Mitov (CERN) Top quark pair production at NNLO: broader lessons for the high-energy collider physics program
13.06. J. Jaeckel (U. Heidelberg) Probing the Hidden Sector at Low Energies
20.06. E. Mirabella (MPI Muenchen) Scattering Amplitudes through integrand reduction
27.06. M. Schoenherr (IPPP Durham) Multijet merging at NLO
04.07. S. Hossenfelder (Nordita Stockholm) News from Quantum Gravity Phenomenology
11.07. D. Straub (U. Mainz) Flavour constraints on partial compositeness

Winter 2012/13:

Date Speaker Title
11.10. A. Knochel (RWTH Aachen) The Higgs from Remote Supersymmetry
18.10. J. Tattersall (U. Bonn) How low can SUSY go? Matching, monojets and compressed spectra
25.10. I. Sawicki (U. Heidelberg) Opening Pandora's box: cosmologies with a stable violation of the null energy condition
15.11. L. Ubaldi (U. Bonn) WIMP dark matter and baryogenesis
22.11. H. Zhang (MPI Heidelberg) Sterile neutrino dark matter
29.11. F. Herzog (ETH Zuerich) NNLO QCD Corrections to Higgs production in bottom quark annihilation
06.12. G. Heinrich (MPI Muenchen) Numerical evaluation of multi-loop integrals with SecDec
13.12. M. Misiak (U. Warschau) Rare decays B_s -> l+ l- and B -> X_s(d) gamma
10.01. M. Czakon (RWTH Aachen) Quantum Corrections for Top Quark Physics
17.01. G. Hiller (U. Dortmund) Asymptotically Safe Gravity and the TeV-Scale
24.01. J. Erdmenger (MPI Muenchen) Applications of Gauge/Gravity Duality: An introduction
31.01. F. Tackmann (DESY Hamburg) Resummation for Higgs Production With and Without Jets

Summer 2012:

Date Speaker Title
12.04. Maierhoefer P. (U of Zurich) Scattering Amplitudes with OpenLoops
19.04. Gerwick E. (Goettingen U) The emergence of scaling in QCD jets
26.04. Dolan M. J. (IPPP Durham) Implications of LHC Searches on Constrained Supersymmetric Models
03.05. Guffanti A. (NBI Copenhagen) PDFs and the LHC
10.05. Musso D. (UCL Louvain-la-Neuve) Halo statistics from the excursion set theory with correlated steps
31.05. Winter W. (Wuerzburg U) Neutrino mass, flavor, and physics beyond the SM
21.06. Serreau J (Paris U) Lifting the Gribov ambiguity in Yang-Mills theories
28.06. Weinzierl S. (Mainz U) NLO predictions for multi-jet final states
05.07. Blanchet S. (ITPP Lausanne) Leptogenesis and quantum decoherence
12.07. Nadathur S. (Bielefeld U.) The ISW effect of cosmic superstructures: a problem for LCDM?

Winter 2011/12:

Date Speaker Title
13.10. Florian Kuehnel (LMU Munich) A Paradise Island for Deformed Gravity
20.10. Giovanni Ridolfi (Genoa U & INFN Genoa) Divergent series and physical observables: the case of Sudakov resummation
27.10. Koushi Dutta (DESY, Hamburg) The Overshoot Problem in Inflation after Tunneling
10.11. Giuseppe Bevilacqua (RWTH, Aachen) The HELAC framework for automatic NLO calculations: overview and phenomenological applications
17.11. Jörg Jaeckel (Durham U) Phenomenology of Gauge Mediated SUSY breaking: from theoretical models to the LHC
24.11. Grigory Kirilin (RWTH, Aachen) How SCET can help ME+PS combination for Monte Carlo simulations of QCD bremsstrahlung
01.12. Massimiliano Grazzini (Uni Zuerich) Recent progress in higher-order QCD calculations
08.12. Arthur Hebecker (Heidelberg U) Infrared-Safe Correlation Functions from Inflation
15.12. Guido Bell (U Bern) Jet Broadening in SCET
12.01. Thorsten Feldmann (Durham U) Variations on Minimal Flavour Violation
19.01. Karim Malik (Queen Mary) Cosmological perturbation theory: recent developments
02.02. Lisa Edelhaeuser (RWTH Aachen) Spin determination for new physics at hadron colliders

Summer 2011:

Date Speaker Title
7.4. Chiara Arina (RWTH Aachen) Direct detection and gamma-ray signatures of a light scalar WIMP
14.4. Dr. Christoph Hanhart (FZ Juelich/Univ. Bonn) Perspectives in Hadron Physics
28.4. Gerasimos Rigopoulos (RWTH Aachen) Path Integral for Inflationary Perturbations
5.5. Christiano Germani (LMU Munich) UV-protected Inflation
12.5. Maria Ubiali (RWTH Aachen) PDFs at the LHC: status and challenges
19.5. Dr. S. Rychkov (Ecole Normale Superieur, Paris U.) The timescale of trans-Planckian scattering
26.5. Wessel Valkenburg (RWTH Aachen) The universe: you shouldn't believe your eyes.
1.6. Prof. J. Donoghue (Massachusetts U., Amherst), (Room 26C 401!) Gravitational Corrections to Running Couplings
9.6. Nicolao Fornengo (Turin) Light neutralinos as dark matter
16.6. Simone Marzani (Manchester) New variables to study the transverse momentum spectrum of the Z boson at hadron colliders
30.6. Rohini Godbole (Utrecht) Top polarisation and physics beyond the SM
7.7. Daniel Maitre (IPPP Durham) One-loop matrix elements for W/Z + jets using unitarity
14.7. Kristian McDonald (MPI Heidelberg) Light Neutrinos from a Little Warped Space

Winter 2010/11:

Date Speaker Title
14.10. Prof. Ahmed Ali (DESY Hamburg) Tetraquark interpretation of $e^+ e^- \to b \bar{b}$ data from Belle and BaBar.
21.10. Prof. Lorenzo Magnea (Univ. Turin) The long-distance singularities of massless gauge theories
28.10. Mark Hindmarsh (Univ. Sussex) Signals of inflationary models with cosmic strings
4.11 Jochen Weller (LMU Munich) Shedding Light on Dark Energy
11.11. Christoph Englert (Heidelberg) Higgsless Vector Boson Fusion at the LHC beyond leading order
18.11. Jose Espinosa (Barcelona) The Probable Fate of the Standard Model
25.11. Johannes Henn (Berlin) New results for scattering amplitudes in N=4 SYM and applications to QCD
2.12. Anastasios Avgoustidis (Cambridge) Constraining cosmic opacity and HEP beyond the standard model from cosmological distance measurements
16.12. Dr. V.A. Smirnov (Moscow State U.) Evaluating Feynman integrals by dimensional recurrence relations
13.1. Christian Sturm (Munich) Electroweak effects in Higgs production and decay
20.1. Prof. R. Rattazzi (EPFL Lausanne) From the hierarchy problem to prime principle constraints on CFTs in four dimensions
27.1. Alexander Lenz (TU Muenchen) $D- \bar D$ mixing and CP violation
3.2. Pierpaolo Mastrolia (CERN) The Complex Structure of Scattering Amplitudes

Summer 2010:

Date Speaker Title
15.4. Kimmo Kainulainen (Jyväskylä U.) cQPA - quantum Boltzmann equations with nonlocal coherence
22.4. Georg Robbers (MPI f. Astrophysik, Garching) Coupled Dark Energy
29.4. Jürgen Rohrwild (RWTH Aachen U.) Let's Twist again---Renormalization of Higher Twist Operators from Conformal Symmetry
6.5. Andreas Ross (Yale) Precision Gravity and Effective Field Theories
20.5. J. Andersen (CERN) All-order corrections to multi-jet processes at the LHC
27.5 Ole Bjaelde (RWTH Aachen U.) Dark Energy---What the h... is it?
10.6. Andreas Weiler (CERN) Natural Non-standard Higgs Decays
17.6. Doreen Wackeroth (Buffalo U.) Higgs, W and Z boson production in association with heavy quarks at hadron colliders
24.6. Thomas Hahn (MPI f. Physik) Automating Feynman diagram computations with FeynArts, FormCalc, and LoopTools
1.7. Thomas Hambye (Brussels, ULB) Reconciling leptogenesis with observable mu ---> e gamma rates
8.7. Bartjan van Tent (Paris) Non-Gaussianity from Inflation: Theory and Observations
15.7. Thomas Konstandin (CERN) Energy budget of cosmological first-order phase transitions
22.7. Steve Chun-Hay Kom (Cambridge U.) Probing mechanisms of neutrinoless double beta decay in the LHC era

Winter 2009/10:

Date Speaker Title
15.10.2009 Werner Porod (Würzburg U.) Testing supersymmetric neutrino mass at the LHC
22.10.2009 Alexander A. Penin (Alberta U.) Measuring vacuum polarization in condensed matter
29.10.2009 Sebastian Klein (RWTH Aachen U.) Heavy Flavor Production in DIS for Large Virtualities
5.11.2009 Jens Erler (Mexico U.) High Precision Tests: Higgs Boson, Z' Models, and Fourth Generation
12.11.2009 Antonio Riotto (CERN & INFN, Padua) The Dark Matter Halo Mass Function from the Excursion Set Method
19.11.2009 Tomislav Prokopec (Utrecht U.) Quantum backreaction in cosmology
26.11.2009 Ulrich Haisch (Mainz U.) Flavor physics in models with warped extra dimensions
3.12.2009 Laura Covi (Desy) Gravitino Dark Matter with stop/neutralino NLSP
10.12.2009 Gavin Salam (Paris, LPTHE) Towards Jetography
17.12.2009 Matthias Neubert (Mainz U.) Effective field theory tools for collider physics
7.1.2010 Christian Bogner (RWTH Aachen U.) Sector Decomposition and Resolution of Singularities
14.1.2010 Thomas Gehrmann (Zürich U.) NNLO Calculations of Jet Observables
21.1.2010 Aleksi Vuorinen (CERN) Cold Quark Matter
28.1.2010 Vicent Mateu (MPI f. Physik, Munich) Global Fits for Thrust at NNNLL: a Precise Determination of alpha_s
4.2.2010 Richard Battye (Manchester U.) Properties of dark energy

Summer 2009:

Date Speaker Title
16.04.2009 Thomas Reiter (Amsterdam) Automated One-Loop Calculations with Golem
23.04.2009 Nans Baro (RWTH) One-loop calculations in the MSSM: applications to collider physics and cosmology
07.05.2009 Tom Weiler (Vanderbilt University) Superluminal (sterile) neutrinos: adventurous possibilities in D>4 dimensions
14.05.2009 Pedro Schwaller (Uni Zürich) T-parity breaking in little Higgs models
28.05.2009 Jure Zupan (CERN) Cosmic ray anomaly
10.06.2009 G. Ossola (NYCCT-CUNY) Reduction of one-loop amplitudes at the integrand level
18.06.2009 Karol Kampf (PSI) π0 decay modes within chiral perturbation theory
25.06.2009 Matthias Jamin (Barcelona) Recent progress in hadronic tau decays
01.07.2009 Holger Nielsen (Kopenhagen) 6 Top-Antitop Bound State: Dark Matter and the Tunguska Event
02.07.2009 Holger Nielsen (Kopenhagen) Random Dynamics
09.07.2009 Carlo Oleari (Milan) Matching NLO calculations with parton shower
16.07.2009 James Ettle (Southampton) A MHV Lagrangian for Massless QCD
23.07.2009 James Wells (CERN) Hidden Worlds and the Higgs Boson at the LHC

Winter 2008/09:

Date Speaker Title
23.10.2008 Paramita Dey (Harish-Chandra Res. Inst.) Two-loop neutrino masses with large R-parity violating interactions in supersymmetry
30.10.2008 Paride Paradisi (TU Munich/Valencia) Hunting New Physics through Flavor Physics in the LHC era
06.11.2008 James Wells (CERN) Hidden sectors and the LHC
13.11.2008 Karina Williams (Uni Bonn) CP-violating Loop Effects in the Higgs Sector of the MSSM
04.12.2008 Zoltan Trocsanyi (Debrecen) Subtraction method for computing QCD jet cross sections at NLO and beyond
11.12.2008 Andreas v. Manteuffel (Uni Zürich) Geometric view on THDM and NMSSM Higgs potentials
15.01.2009 Thomas Schücker (CPT und Univ. der Provence Aix-Marseille) Noncommutative geometry and the Standard Model
21.01.2009 James Stirling (Cambridge) MSTW2008: parton distributions for the LHC
29.01.2009 Andrea Ferroglia (Uni Zürich/Uni Mainz) Two Loop Corrections to Top-Quark Pair Production
05.02.2009 Bernd Jantzen (RWTH) Two-loop electroweak next-to-leading logarithms for processes involving heavy quarks

Summer 2008:

Date Speaker Title
10.04.2008 S. Wiesenfeldt (Karlsruhe) "Neutrino Masses in Grand Unified Theories"
17.04.2008 T. Kleinschmidt (Hamburg) "Numerical evaluation of feynman loop integrals by reduction to tree graphs"
24.04.2008 P. Ruiz-Femenia (RWTH) "Electroweak effects in top pair production at threshold"
08.05.2008 D. Soper (Oregon) "Parton showers with quantum interference"
15.05.2008 M. Wiebusch (RWTH) "MSSM Contributions to Polarised t tbar Cross Sections"
29.05.2008 A. Falkowski (CERN/Warsaw) "The Flavor of Composite Higgs Models"
05.06.2008 J. Kersten (ICTP) "Can LHC Test the See-Saw Mechanism?"
12.06.2008 S. Actis (RWTH) "Two-loop corrections to SM H production/decay and Bhabha scattering"
19.06.2008 R. Zwicky (IPPP) "The Lee-Wick Standard Model"
10.07.2008 O. Kittel (Bonn) "How light can the lightest neutralino be?"
17.07.2008 H. Päs (Dortmund) "Probing physics beyond the Standard Model with neutrinos"