New Physics Masterclass


The first NEW PHYSICS EVENT takes place in Maastricht this week. 55 PhD, Master, and Bachelor students will concentrate on the physics beyond the standard model of particle physics.


This two day masterclass event deals with the current challenges to Theoretical Physics beyond the Standard Model. The topics will be focussing on phenomena and experimental results not explained in the Standard Model, theoretical predictions of the Standard Model that are not observed, and current problems in providing an all-encompassing theoretical framework for Nature. It is organized by the Maastricht Science Programme in collaboration with Nikhef, CERN, VUA, UU, RWTH University, University of Liege, and University of Heidelberg. Prof. Krämer from TTK is a member of the scientific organising comitee and our new junior professer Jamie Tattersall, who will join at TTK in summer, is teaching one of the master classes.

More information can be found at the website of the event.