Internal Seminars SS 21

Mon 06.09.2021 9:00 (Zoom)

Verteidigung der Masterarbeit:
Florian Stadtmann (RWTH)

Boosting Einstein-Boltzmann solvers with neural networks

Host: J. Lesgourghues


Thu 08.04.2021 14:30 (Zoom)

Bachelor Thesis Presentation:
Kai Adamowicz (RWTH)

The Coulomb Problem of Classical Chromodynamics

Host: C. Schwinn


Tue 13.04.2021 9:30 (Zoom)

3 Master Thesis Mid-Term Presentations


09:30: Jonas Frerick (RWTH)
Inelastic Dark Matter in direct detection
10:15: Sven Günther (RWTH)
Likelihood-Free Inference - Application in the context of indirect Dark Matter Searches
11:15: Felix Bertz (RWTH)
Energy cross-correlations in cosmic ray small-scale anisotropies

Host: P. Mertsch


Thu 29.04.2021 9:00 (Zoom)

Master Thesis Mid-Term Presentation:
Maximilian Lipp (RWTH)

Unsupervised machine learning methods for LHC dark matter searches

Host: M. Krämer


Mon 07.06.2021 11:00 (Zoom)

Master Thesis Presentation:
Carlo Tasillo (RWTH)

Listening to hot dark sector phase transitions

Host: F. Kahlhoefer


Thu 10.06.2021 11:15 (Zoom)

Master Thesis Mid-Term Presentation:
Kai Böse (RWTH)

Dark Showers at the LHC

Host: F. Kahlhöfer


Mon 05.07.2021 14:00 (Zoom)

PhD Defense:
Fatih Ertas (RWTH)

Phenomenology of light pseudoscalar particles

Host: F. Kahlhöfer


Fri 23.07.2021 9:15 (Zoom)

3 Bachelor Thesis Presentations


09:15: Simon Neuland (RWTH)
Resonant dark matter annihilation in the early universe
10:00: Lasse Ausborm (RWTH)
Simulating extra galactic gamma-rays from blazars
11:00: Jonas Kohnen (RWTH)
Semi-classical approximations for dark matter self-interactions

Host: F. Kahlhoefer


Fri 23.07.2021 14:00 (Zoom)

Master thesis defense:
Daniel Stremmer (RWTH)

Precise predictions for Higgs production in association with top quarks at the LHC

Host: M. Worek


Fri 27.08.2021 16:00 (Zoom)

PhD Defense:
Nils Schöneberg (RWTH)

Anomalies in cosmological data and probes of the dark sector

Host: J. Lesgourgues



Fri 10.09.2021 12:00 (Zoom)

PhD Defense:
Saniya Heeba (RWTH)

Doors to Darkness: Phenomenology of Dark Matter Portal Interactions

Host: F. Kahlhoefer



Mon 20.09.2021 14:00 (Zoom)

PhD Defense:
Elias Bernreuther (RWTH)

Accelerator phenomenology of strongly interacting dark sectors

Host: M. Krämer



Wed. 22.09.2021 11:00 (Zoom)

Master thesis defense:
Jonas Frerick (RWTH)

Exothermic Dark Matter from Upscattering in the Earth

Host: F. Kahlhoefer


Wed 29.09.2021 9:00 (Zoom)

3 Master Thesis Presentations


09:00: Felix Bertz (RWTH)
Energy Cross-Correlations in Cosmic Ray Small-Scale Anisotropies
10:00: Lena Rathmann (RWTH)
Validation of likelihoods and forecasts for the Euclid satellite
11:00: Pol Heuschling (RWTH)
Correcting Newtonian N-body simulations for the effect of massive neutrinos and decaying modes

Host: J. Lesgourgues


Thu 30.09.2021 10:00 (Zoom)

Master thesis defense:
Minos Reinartz (RWTH)

Top quark charge asymmetry in ttγ production at the LHC

Host: M. Worek


Thu 30.09.2021 14:00 (Zoom)

Master thesis defense:

Aiman El Asad (RWTH)

The Energy-Momentum Tensor in the Gradient Flow Formalism for Scalar QCD

Host: R. Harlander