New Junior Research Group Leader at TTK: Felix Kahlhoefer


We are happy to announce that Felix Kahlhoefer has joined TTK as Junior Research Group Leader and Junior Professor in theoretical astroparticle physics.

  Junior Professor Felix Kahlhoefer © Felix Kahlhoefer

What are the fundamental building blocks of the Universe?

In spite of spectacular progress in particle physics and cosmology, we still do not have a satisfactory answer to this question. In fact, more and more observations support the hypothesis that large parts of the Universe are made from a completely unknown form of matter. It is one of the greatest challenges of modern physics to determine the properties of this so-called dark matter. To solve this puzzle will require a variety of different
experiments and observations, enabling us to connect particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology.

Felix’s research focuses on the development of new strategies to search for dark matter. Of particular importance is the question how to combine different data sets to pin down the properties of dark matter. The
experimental results needed for this purpose stem from a wide range of different source: from cosmology and astrophysics all the way to particle accelerators and precision measurements. Felix’s work therefore connects many of the topics studied at TTK and in the department of physics with the aim to arrive at a global interpretation of different research areas. This work is supported by the German Science Foundation (DFG) in the context of the Emmy Noether Programme, which will enable Felix to set up a new junior research group at TTK. Felix is very much looking forward to many exciting new projects and to successful collaboration with his new colleagues and the students at RWTH. As an introduction into his field of research, he will offer a lecture course on “Dark Matter” within the Master’s Programme this term.