Internal Seminars WS 18/19

Thu 04.10.2018 9:00 (26C402)

Bachelor Thesis Presentation:

Maria Spethmann (RWTH)

Unsicherheiten in der Higgsmassenberechnung


Wed 10.10.2018 11:00 (26 C 402)

Master Thesis Talk:

Lukas Simon (RWTH)

CP mixing effects in Higgs Strahlung


Mon 15.10.2018 12:15 (26C402)

Master Thesis Midterm Presentation:

Sebastian Rhode (RWTH)

Effects of dimension-6 operators in gluon fusion


Tue 16.10.2018 11:00 (MBP 110 Glassbox)

Master Thesis Midterm Presentation:

Eike Müller (RWTH)

Dark matter and the Stückelberg mechanism


Mon 26.11.2018 11:00 (MBP1 026)

Master Thesis Midterm Presentation:

Daniel Meinert (RWTH)

Realistic models of reionisation


Mon 26.11.2018 11:00 (MBP2 015)

Master Thesis Midterm Presentation:

Harun Acaroglu (RWTH)



Mon 11.02.2019 14:00 (26 C 402)

Master Thesis Talk:

Kai Porten (RWTH)

Top Quark Mass Studies with ttj at the Large Hadron Collider


Tue 12.03.2019 16:30 (26 C 402)

Andreas Papaefstathiou (NIKHEF)

The Higgs boson as a tool for discovery


Wed 27.03.2019 14:00 (26 C 402)

Master Thesis Talk:

Lalu Zamakhsyari (RWTH)

Determination of the top quark mass from leptonic observables in the di-lepton top quark decay channel at the LHC


Wed 29.03.2019 14:00 (26 C 402)

Master Thesis Talk:

Harun Acaroglu (RWTH)

Complete Calculation of the Dominant Three-Loop Contributions to the Higgs Mass in the Standard Model