Bachelor Thesis With PD Dr. Schwinn in 2020


Here you find the topics of 2019 which will be updated soon!

Exploring Top-quark Production at Hadron Colliders

The top-quark is the heaviest known elementary particle and its mass is an important input parameter of the Standard Model. One way to measure the top-quark mass is by comparing measurements of the top-quark production cross section to theoretical calculations, where the top mass enters as a parameter. In addition, the production cross section depends on the coupling constant of the strong interaction and the parton distribution function (PDFs).

The goal of this thesis is to explore the sensitivity of the top-quark production cross section on the top mass, the strong coupling and the PDFs at the Tevatron, the current and a future high-luminosity run of the LHC, and projects for future hadron colliders operating at 27 or 100 TeV.

The student will write a computer program to perform the convolution of the top-quark production cross section with PDF and use this to explore the dependence on the top mass and the strong coupling. Subsequently, existing computer programs that implement up-to-date theoretical predictions will be used to compare to experimental results from the Tevatron and the LHC and to estimates of the prospects at future

Basic knowledge in Particle Physics and programming (for example C++, Python or Fortran; Mathematica may be useful as well)